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Apple Cheddar Waffles

Posted in Breakfasts by pomelo on October 9, 2009

apple cheddar waffles

These Apple Cheddar Waffles were a special breakfast-for-dinner treat, made for me and amuse-bouche on Wednesday night by a special someone! The waffle recipe comes from the Pocket Cook Book by Elizabeth Woody and members of the Food Staff of McCall’s Magazine — first printed in 1942. My garage-sale version is a reprint from 1946.

To make our breakfast more dinner-like, we added grated cheese, melted by the delicious apple topping…with a fried egg for protein.

The waffle iron entered my life for $5.00 courtesy of a friend’s moving sale, making this dish as much an ode to second chances as to breakfast for dinner.


Elizabeth Woody’s Golden Waffles

Serves 4

2 cups flour       3 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt         2 tbs sugar

2 egg yolks         1 1/4 cups milk

6 tbs melted shortening or salad oil (in our case — butter!)

2 egg whites

Sift together flour, baking powder, salt and sugar.  Beat egg yolks; add milk.  Combine with dry ingredients, mixing smooth.  Add shortening or oil [or butter].  Beat egg whites stiff; fold in.  Bake according to manufacturer’s direction for operating waffle iron.  Serve hot.

The delicious apple topping came from this recipe at Annie Eat’s:

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