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Blackened salmon with cajun spices

In Mains (Fish) on October 9, 2009 at 11:06 PM

I saw this super easy recipe for cajun spiced salmon in Real Simple magazine (paper copy). Take a filet of salmon (I used wild, but Atlantic farmed would be fine also), shake on some cajun spices (I just used a President’s Choice grinder mix – I had to grind it rather than take a pinch and press it in, but it was ok anyway) and 10  minutes later you have a salmon dinner. I ate it with steamed swiss chard which I doused with a bit of olive oil and lemon juice also. It was quite good and tied me over for well over 5 hours.

Here are some pics, before and after:

Salmon with cajun spices

Salmon with cajun spices

Blackened salmon with cajun spices and a side of swiss chard

Blackened salmon with cajun spices and a side of swiss chard

  1. I would like the recipe for blackened salmon. I do have others but would like to see how yours is different. I do not know how to access it. I click on Mains – Fish; the picture comes up with others but nothing to access the recipe.
    Please advise.

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