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My First Giveaway

In Events/Round-Ups on December 16, 2010 at 6:52 AM

So I hmm’ed and hawed about whether to do this. At first, it sounded like a way to bolster google ratings (not mine, obviously).

But in the end, I decided I shouldn’t deprive my loyal readers of winning a possible $65 to spend at CSNStores.com. Online, you can find anything you need for your kitchen, as well as other items like luggage sets as well. The prize doesn’t cover shipping costs, but you are free to spend it on any of their affiliated sites.

This prize is only open to people with shipping addresses in Canada and the US.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here, describing your favourite meal to make at home. Make sure you leave your email address so I have a way to contact you – it won’t be published. You have until Wednesday, December 22, 2010, at midnight to enter. After that, I will randomly select a lucky winner.

Good luck!

  1. I have a few staples that I’ve been making a lot recently (a Haitian-influenced black bean sauce over cornmeal mush of sorts, a fantastic lentil soup), but honestly, my favorite meal is pretty much just fried potatoes. I’ll bake a potato, chop it up, and then toss it in a pan with a little bit of oil or butter and let it cook for until it’s all crispy. Sometimes, I’ll add cooked broccoli and cheddar cheese, sometimes it’ll be a fried egg on top, and recently, I cooked it all together with some sauteed chopped onions and chopped (jarred) roasted red peppers. I love potatoes so much, and it always makes me happy, even if it isn’t complex or gourmet.

  2. I love to try one of the posts from this blog. I especially enjoy making rouladen for family and special friends as it is a little piece of my heritage.

  3. Hmmmm….i have a few favorite meals to make at home. Lately it has been homemade pizza. Lately i have been stuck on BBQ chicken or pepperoni and pineapple.

  4. I like to make white chicken chili or roasted poblano cream soup, especially when it’s this cold out!
    Thank you!

  5. I really love noodles so I like to make this noodle / veggie soup, especially in cold weather

  6. Stir fries! Every time I eat something stir fried, I always think how much better I could have made it 🙂 I am getting a lot better and making food from the Mediterranean area – soon I will get the hang of it!

  7. I like to make homemade chicken soup or chili.

  8. I like to make beef stew and desserts

  9. Sure, it’s a way to boost google ratings. But it’s fun, too! 🙂

  10. Oh, I should read more closely – favorite meal to make at home…. home made gluten free vegan pizza. Or one of 8 million variations on curry.

  11. Beautiful giveaway..

  12. I’m actually going “home-home” for the first time in a year and a half tomorrow! I love my little New York apartment, but the big, beautiful kitchen with my parents in Idaho is unparalleled. When I’m there, I love to make big meals (my mom plays sous-chef). Currently, I’m looking forward to making vegan scones for Christmas morning, a big pot of chili to last me all vacation, and I’m eyeing a recipe for goat cheese and lentil stuffed butternut squash.

  13. I so am in for the giveaway. Wow, there are so many favorite meals in our house. But, if I have to choose, then I would say “Aloo Paratha” with yogurt or pickle.

  14. Oh, oh! Me, me, me!

    It is a bit of a dirty way to boost Google rankings, but I did it too… Welcome to the dark side, I guess!

    I’m a sucker for one pot meals – soups, stews, tagines, etc. Both my boyfriend and I insist on eating homecooked meals all but once a month or so. I like cooking for a day or two and enjoying the fruits of labor for the rest of the week. Cooking lots of one pot meals in large batches allow us to eat at homemade meals everyday and not spending 3 hours cooking everyday.

  15. does cereal count? 🙂 no, i’d say my favorite meal to make is juicy burgers with crispy fries. it’s a staple.

  16. Chili it’s what I make best and with it cold as it is very appropriate.

  17. One of my favorite meals to make at home is a big pot of curried lentils with butternut squash. And that reminds me, it’s been a while!

  18. I don’t usually cook, I bake most of the time! 🙂 and my favorite thing to bake is red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting! it is sooo delicious. I am actually in charge if making a three tier red velvet cake for my sister’s wedding in January! 🙂 wish me luck!

  19. I love making ratatouille, or a number of hearty soups for the winter!

  20. I enjoy making Peanut butter pineapple stew. Its a hearty African dish made with kale, pineapple and peanut butter layered on a bed of rice! sounds strange but its super delish!

  21. It’s been so long since I’ve cooked a meal at home! (change of schedule)

    Hmm, perhaps one of the very first things I’ll make again is a nice pasta dish. Vongole, perhaps.

  22. Funny you should ask that–I just made it last week! We call it “Almond-Curry Stir-Fry” at home and it’s a mix of tofu cubes, an almond-curry sauce (duh) and veggies. I just love it!

  23. […] now onto the winner of my first giveaway from csn stores. Congratulations to Janice who likes to make a noodle and vegetable soup. It sounds […]

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