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Raw Sea and Sprouts Soup or Salad (Sunflower Sprout, Apple and Dulse Soup)

In Mains (Vegetarian) on July 16, 2012 at 5:44 AM

Eating two heads of lettuce may seem trivial to some. In fact, for me, it probably isn’t much of a stretch to munch through…. of course, I never really have an empty fridge, so in addition to the new lettuce, I also had some spinach and beet greens to munch through first, and a bit of mixed greens, too. I also asked Rob to pick up some sunflower sprouts to spruce up some of my salads. Instead of coming home with a small packet of sprouts, he opted for the massive 1 lb bag of sprouts. Sprouts are light, trust me, it is a lot of sprouts! Why so many sprouts? They were 75% off! Priced to sell and for me to eat quickly!

While cooking greens is an easy way to eat lots of them and to extend their shelf life, I wanted to savour the glory of the sprouts. Unlike most bloggers, I have yet to succumb to the Green Monster breakfast smoothies. I have gobbled down breakfast smoothies in the past, and have thrown in some greens for good measure, but I keep returning to my easy chocolate protein power oats and berries instead.

What to do? Eat it for dinner! Make soup! Raw soup! A blended salad!

With 2 new raw cookbooks from the library, I have become very curious about some of the simpler raw dishes. Raw soups are among them, which seem like a glorious medley of vegetables and flavours. While I am no virgin to raw soups (remember that mango gazpacho?), the difference between juice, smoothie and soup always runs through my head. Plus, raw soups can easily be done wrong if your vegetables are not fresh, if you add too much or too little water or if your blender is not up to snuff. (This is definitely where the Vitamix excels because who wants a lumpy soup?)

Even though I drank it in a glass, this wasn’t a juice. It was a creamy pureed soup. The soup was only warmed by the blender, a welcome change during the recent heat wave and the biggest difference from traditional soups.

The sprouts are whizzed to make a lovely sweet green backdrop, sweetened by an apple, with depth added from lemon juice and dulse granules. The nuts and avocado add the protein and fat to make this a satisfying and filling soup and make it quite luscious. Not one to always like pureed soups, I really appreciated the fresh nature of this brew. With a side salad, it was a great meal.

Raw soups have also been dubbed as blended salads, so for those that don’t have a high-speed blender, instead of making a lumpy soup, consider eating this as a salad instead!  Eating all the sprouts can feel like you’ve turned into an animal (does anyone else feel like that with lots of sprouts?), so maybe try substituting some of the sprouts for mixed greens.

This is my submission to this week’s Summer Salad Sundays, to this week’s Wellness Weekend, to Cookbooks Sundays and to Deb for this week’s Souper Sundays.

Raw Sea and Sprouts Soup (Sunflower Sprout, Apple and Dulse Soup)
Adapted from Rawesomely Vegan!

1 tbsp dulse granules
1 apple, cored (I used a Granny Smith)
2 cups sunflower sprouts
1/2 cup Brazil nuts
4 tbsp lemon juice (from 1 lemon)
1 cup water
1/2 cup avocado (half a small avocado)

1. Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth. Add avocado last and process until smooth.

2. Serve immediately at room temperature.

Serves 2.

  1. Sprouts always taste so undeniably fresh to me. Like I’m eating the epitome of health. I love the fresh flavors of this soup!

  2. I love raw soups – they are perfect refreshers for the summer. although, this looks fantastic as a salad too!

  3. I do like pureeing as a technique to make greens more dense so we can eat them more quickly in the height of CSA season! I cooked a lot of lettuce last year. 🙂 Your soup/salad looks great in both forms.

  4. I love the idea of tart apples in a green soup like this! That prep plate looks so delicious that at first I thought it was the finished product. 🙂

  5. I’ve never had raw soup before! I feel like I am missing out on a key food experience now. I like how this recipe works as a salad or a soup- very creative! And lucky you with that huge bag of sprouts!

    I love the flavour dulse lends to foods- I bet combined with the creaminess from the avocado and Brazil nuts and the sweet tartness of the apple, this is one amazing soup 🙂

  6. i’ve been craving sunflower sprouts ever since my grower went and had a sweet little baby and stop growing them! she was the only sprout farmer in sudbury and i’ve been a lazy, lazy girl and still haven’t tried to sprout any myself. raw soups are not that appetizing to me these days but in the raw salad form it looks so fresh and lovely!

  7. I’ve never tried anything like this before, but can’t wait to give this a try as soon as summer (and that longing for cooler, lighter fare) rolls around.

    Thanks for sharing at Cookbook Sundays.

    Sue 🙂

  8. Too funny–I made raw green soup this week and photographed it like a smoothie (ate it that way too). 😉 Much as I try, I am not a huge sprout fan due to the texture but I think I would love them in this soup. Thanks for sharing with Souper Sundays. 😉

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