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Rawfully Organic Review

In Events/Round-Ups on August 5, 2013 at 6:53 AM

Rawfully Organic Review

I have been the butt of jokes even before I arrived in Texas. It is all meat in Texas, what will you eat? I survived Colombia for 2 weeks, so I doubted Texas could be that bad. And fear not, of course there are vegetables here. A friend also introduced me to a local organic food co-op: Rawfully Organic. Not only is it based in Houston, but it is largest non-profit local and organic food co-operative in the United States.

Its CEO, Kristina, also has adorable videos on youtube. It is hard not to be enthralled by her infectious and bubbly personality. While I have shunned CSAs in the past (not wanting to commit to multiple weeks of purchases, and antsy about buying a bunch of random vegetables), I was tempted by the flexibility offered by Rawfully Organic. Everything is organic (which I don’t buy nearly enough) and they try to purchase locally grown foods. The biggest plus was that I could sign up for a food share at my leisure, any random week, deciding almost at the last minute: by midnight, the night before. While I didn’t know exactly what was going to be in my share, I was tempted by the possibilities that were listed that week. Kristina recently made an intro video that explains how the process works after you order a share.

After I picked up my share, I was worried what I had gotten myself into. You might think I eat a lot of vegetables but this was a lot of food! A lot more greens than I was used to. I think this will be a good thing.

What I got (all organic, some local) in my half-share:

1 big bag of spring mix
2 (small) bundles of kale
1 head of Romaine
1 pint cherry tomatoes
1 large zucchini
1 large yellow summer squash
2 field cucumbers
1 baby watermelon
1 quart of strawberries
1 bunch bananas
4 Cripps Pink apples (from New Zealand, fyi – definitely not local)
3 nectarines (white and yellow)
2 limes
5 oranges

..and my bonus picks (you get the equivalent of 3 points):
4 broccolis
the largest bunch of green onions that I ever did see!
Other things you could pick from were small potatoes (6 were 1 point), baby carrots, cilantro (1 point), zucchini (1 point), oranges, beets (1 point), Romaine lettuce, grapefruit (1 point) and other stuff I forget. You can also buy other items on a per-piece basis.

rawfully organic review, half-share

For those interested specifically in Rawfully Organic, this is what I was told I could possibly get that same week. I was lured by the berries and sadly got strawberries instead of the other berries, but they are good, too. I have struck out the ones I did not get. Granted, the nature of groceries means it can be hard to make produce promises when choosing the freshest finds.

WATERMELON! Raspberries, Blueberries, or Blackberries! (Undecided!), White Peaches, White Nectarines, Cantaloupe (Only if available), Spring Mix, Local Lettuces, Red Plums (Possibly!), Cherry Tomatoes, Local Green Kale, Local Zucchini, Cucumber, Bartlett Pears or Bosc Pears, Beefsteak tomatoes (if no cherry tomatoes available), Fuji Apples/Gala Apples, Pink Lady Apples, Juicing Oranges, Bananas, Romaine Lettuce

All produce was fresh and very flavourful, except for the watermelon and tomatoes, boo. The zucchini were much bigger than I usually eat, which means they were seedy. Some was good to eat right away (strawberries) but many were at different degrees of ripeness. One of my apples was bruised, so I should have inspected everything more closely before I picked my box.

You might wonder why I decided to do the CSA. Fresh, cheap, organic produce is a bit harder to find where I live, although I could go from store-to-store. Did it save me money? If I usually bought organic, it was probably a good deal. Since I don’t, I definitely spent more than my regular grocery budget. I have seen bigger bunches of kale for 89c. Bananas for 49c/lb. But like I said, that’s navigating multiple stores. Long hours and being on call for the weekend meant that I wanted to save time. It was nice to pick up everything in one go and it will force me to be a bit more creative in the kitchen. I will definitely share my recipe successes, though, so stay tuned. Next week will be the week of salads. 🙂

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  1. Yum, Janet!!!!! This post makes me hungry.

    How’s Texas? Is today a holiday?

    Xxxooo from gorgeous prince Edward County!

  2. It looks like a good “veg box” scheme as CSAs are known over here. Great variety and certainly a good quantity, although I don’t know how good value it is as I don’t know what you paid. I’ve had a weekly veg box for a few months at a time in the past and love the idea of it and the convenience but it only really works for me when I have a very regular schedule.

    • Hey Emma, Yeah this was more of a veg box. I feel like it was nice because basically someone when shopping for fruits and veggies for you… and they were very fresh and flavourful. I swear, it is like someone gave me all this food to eat fully raw. Lots more raw dishes here, that’s for sure. 🙂

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  4. This makes me miss my CSA from home! I need to do some research to see what’s available here. So glad you found a good one!

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  6. […] wild snails here either, though. Although, what I found most amusing is that I had snails in my kale from Rawfully Organic. Organic kale, indeed. My homegrown organic kale gets massacred by aphids in Toronto, but here, […]

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