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Jackfruit and Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine with Tofu

In Favourites, Mains (Vegetarian) on September 21, 2013 at 8:18 AM

Jackfruit and Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine with Tofu

Compared to most other fellows, I have it pretty good. Right now, I have very limited call and my hours are fairly regular. However, I still spend around 12 hours at the hospital each day, plus an hour for my commute. This is partly self-induced since my first few hours are spent at the hospital fitness center. It is quite impressive. I still marvel at their selection of classes that start prior to 7 am (4-5 different classes depending on the day).

In any case, it is no wonder that Rob, working from home, with regular hours and no commute, has more time on his hands. The best part is that it has transcended into the kitchen for some delicious meals. Epic meals, at that. Rob has been neglecting his blog, especially for recipes, so I’ve decided to blog his culinary creations. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

One of our favourite restaurants in Toronto is Banh Mi Boys and we nearly always ordered their tofu-kimchi sweet potato poutine. It is a riff on traditional poutine, a Canadian delicacy of potato fries covered in gravy and cheese. Their Asian fusion version has crispy sweet potato fries (our request), covered with kimchi, marinaded tofu, sprinkled with green onions and the mayonnaise is on the side (as per our request). Hannah shared a lovely photo of it here. They also have a pulled pork version for carnivores.

We have been fantasizing about making our own version for awhile, after we discovered how wonderful beer transformed sweet potatoes into crispy fries. With the boon of (vegan) kimchi, it was only a matter of time. Beer-Soaked Sweet Potato Fries + BBQ Jackfruit meat + kimchi + baked tofu. Rob added mayo to his which is what he photographed. He took all the photos for this, including step-by-step documentation of the components.

Jackfruit and Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine with Tofu

Jackfruit and Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine with Tofu

Jackfruit and Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine with Tofu

Jackfruit and Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine with Tofu

Don San Foods vegan Kimchi

I didn’t want this to fade away into our memories, so here’s to a special recipe for you to try, too.

PS. For those interested, Rob shared the photos from our Portland, Oregon and Burning Man vacation here.

Jackfruit and Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine with Tofu

This is my submission for this month’s Bake Fest, and to this month’s Four Seasons Food for Sliding into Autumn.

Jackfruit and Kimchi Sweet Potato Poutine with Tofu

1 recipe Beer-Soaked Sweet Potato Fries (Rob used a quarter of the beer for the fries and drank the rest)

1 recipe BBQ Jackfruit meat

1 lb tofu, pressed and chopped into cubes (Rob used silken tofu for a more curd-like texture and didn’t press it)
1-2 tsp toasted sesame oil
1-2 cups kimchi, chopped, with juice reserved, to taste
(vegan) mayonnaise, if desired
green onions, chopped, if desired

1. The components can be made in stages and saved as leftovers. However, the sweet potato fries need to be made prior to serving.

2. Begin by pressing your tofu. Chop it then marinate your chopped tofu in the toasted sesame oil and reserved kimchi juice, for at least 20 minutes.

3. Make your BBQ Jackfruit meat. This can be made in advance and reheated prior to serving.

4. Soak your sweet potatoes in beer, as per the Beer-Soaked Sweet Potato Fries directions.

4. When ready, bake your tofu at 350F for 40-45 minutes, or until browned and crispy, flipping half-way through. This can be made in advance and reheated prior to serving.

5. Bake your sweet potatoes, as per the Beer-Soaked Sweet Potato Fries directions.

6. To assemble your poutine, place sweet potato fries on a plate. Top with jackfruit, tofu and chopped kimchi. If you want to add mayonnaise, Rob preferred it mixed in with the kimchi.

Serves 4.

  1. 12 hours a day at work puts me to shame – I don’t know how you get up any blog posts! but am glad you do – and that you blog Rob’s creations – this looks amazing – so many wonderful elements – must bookmark for my wishlist – though sweet potato fries are challenging to me so I might need quite some energy to contemplate it but beer soaked sounds great

  2. Oh my heavens yes. YES. Plus I could douse this in sriracha and then it would be EVEN BETTER than Banh Mi Boys. 😉

  3. OH MAN. I need some of this right now! I’ve only eaten very classic poutine before (in northern Michigan, so it was actually pretty close to authentic) so I am SUPER excited about mixing it up with kimchi and sweet potato!

  4. Never had poutine before—looks like one hot mess…literally! Definitely will do. I guess it’s sort of a Canadian version of chili fries, kind of Canada-Meets-Korea-and the South. Not yet done sweet potato fries in beer. Will definitely make this, especially now that we are making our own kimchi.

    Okay, so the gym: Are you actually exercising for 3 hours? Or is that some of that socializing/showering? If it’s 3 hours, then YOU get the prize for gym rat since I average only two hours/two classes a day, although Tuesdays are now 3 hours (2 in the morning- 30 minutes of kick boxing, 30 of strength, 60 of vinyasya yoga and one hour at night of yin yoga).

    • We are totally on a kimchi kick! We’re sticking to store bought for now, although I should make my own! I keep saying that…. 😉

      But, have no fears… totally not in the gym that long! I am at the gym by 6:15 but only start work at 8am. My classes are only 45-60 minutes, but the rest of the time is changing, etc, and walking to my office. Depending on the day, it can be a long commute from the gym. I once timed it as a 30 minute walk and (very quick) change to my furthest office. Everything is bigger in Texas!

      Unless it is spinning (and I don’t even do it for spinning), I can’t handle back-to-back classes. An hour is good enough for me. I used to go to the gym on the weekends, but I don’t do that anymore. We’re cycling outdoors, instead. 🙂

      • Glad to hear that you are not superhuman (at least in regards to the gym). And as a gym rat, I admire you for getting away from it on the weekend and being outside. I’m breaking the gym addiction tomorrow and going on a walk after trying a new vegan bakery with my Meetup group. A vegan bakery may not sound all that impressive; there are two already in Atlanta, but they are intown. Where I live in the suburbs, it is very unexpected to have one.

        Speaking of kimchi, there’s a good recipe for a kimchi stew in Vegan Eats World. And—-since you got us started on tempeh reubens, we’ve been thinking about inventing a Koreanized tempeh reuben salad made with kimchi instead of sauerkraut! Rather than beets on it, probably daikon would would be better.

      • How was the bakery? I think the funniest thing about Houston’s cronuts is exactly the same: it is from a bakery in the suburbs. We went back again last weekend, we just love the bicycle route more than the cronuts. 😉

        I will totally check out that stew. What a great idea… and a teaser for tomorrow… yet another kimchi dish! 🙂

        Kimchi a la reuben is very interesting. I will have to ponder how the flavours would mix.. I love your idea of pickled daikon! Pickled carrots could work, too! Now this is reminding me of the other dish I use to order at Banh Me Boyz: a green papaya and jicama (julienned) salad with kimchi and lemongrass tofu! Also on my hitlist to recreate. 😉

  5. WOW 🙂 This has me all inspired about vegan poutine now; I think I might use a mixture of roasted parsnip, potato and sweet potato for the chips, and tofu mayo or “cheese” with a vegetable-based gravy… I think your kimchi version looks awesome!

  6. I recently bought some cans of young jackfruit to experiment with…. and wow, this recipe strikes me as inspired. Very creative combination! Sadly I’m not yet fully on board with kimchi… who knows, maybe this could change my mind!

  7. I just sent this to another blogger who love jackfruit. I’ve been addicted since making BBQ tacos… love this idea, and I still have some in the freezer. Pretty sure this is happening tonight! If they fix my building’s pluming. It’s pretty tragic right now…

  8. Recreating restaurant meals at home is one of my favorite pastimes! I’ve never had REAL poutine, but actually I think I’d like your version better!

  9. Yummmm I love jackfruit so much. I love using it in savory dishes like this, it has such a wonderful flavor.

  10. I’ve just discovered jackruit! It’s such a fantastic ingredient 🙂 I”m not familiar with poutine but I think I like the sound of your unconventional version much more.
    You sound like you’re working really hard. At least you have your little chef to have a lovely meal for you when you get home 🙂

  11. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’ve never had kimchi, but this looks fantastic 🙂

  12. OH MY GOSH. this looks incredible.

  13. This really piques my interest!

  14. This looks delicious!
    I just started a vegetarian cooking blog, check it out if you have time:

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  17. Made this last night. Double yum! Especially thought the BBQ jackfruit was good (have made it before, but from other recipes.) Used our homemade tofu. It was so satisfying. So filling didn’t even want dessert after. Just served it with a green salad with Japanese steakhouse ginger salad dressing.

    So—this now proves that you don’t have to be Canadian or a carnivore to appreciate poutine—you just have to know the right people from Canada and who are vegan and who so generously share and post recipes! Many thanks!

    • Ellen, you are too kind, really. I am so happy you had the time to go through such a complex recipe.. it was certainly worth it, no? Btw, you have to tell me more about your homemade tofu! What’s that?

      • Oops—sorry—I meant the homemade Kimchi from Vegan Eats World (spicy version!).

        It helps to be retired and have the time and energy to make stuff like this…you are the amazing one to do this.

        Went to a vegan coffee shop today—-owner said she grew up in a meatcentric household, with a mom who was French Canadian. Told her about your poutine. She had never heard of poutine, despite the FC mom. What’s up with that?

      • Yeah, what’s up with her not knowing about poutine.. In my mind it is fairly classic French Canadian food but perhaps it is bastardized. Split pea soup and tourtiere are probably more classic foods. 😉

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  19. Thanks for your sharing, i like it.

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  21. I made this last night for dinner. A few minor adjustments, but OH MY, it was delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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