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Raw Grasshopper Crepes (Chocolate Crepes filled with an Avocado-Mint Cream)

In Desserts on March 8, 2014 at 8:12 AM

Raw Grasshopper Crepes (Carob Crepes filled with a Avocado-Mint Cream)

I may have been late to the Valentine’s Day dessert sharing by a week and truthfully, Pancake Tuesday was never on my radar.

Since there is a create-eat-blog lag, obviously, I need to be thinking about upcoming holidays months in advance. Red for Valentine’s Day? No. Green. Green is the new red, right? With what, St Patrick’s Day in March, right?

Raw Grasshopper Crepes (Carob Crepes filled with a Avocado-Mint Cream)

Joking aside, because I really don’t need an excuse to make a fun raw crepe inspired by one of my favourite childhood desserts: grasshopper crepes. My mom may chime whether this recipe is close to what she used to make: a marshmallow-cream filling spiked with creme de menthe is surrounded by a paper-thin chocolate crepe. YES! Of course, I haven’t had it in ages, but the classic flavours of chocolate and mint never fail.

Raw Grasshopper Crepes (Carob Crepes filled with a Avocado-Mint Cream)

I used an old favourite recipe for the chocolate banana crepes but switched up the filling by whipping together avocado, frozen banana and mint. I prefer the flavour from the mint extract instead of the mint leaves, but the mint leaves kind-of-sort-of made the filling green. I should have added a touch of spirulina to really make it sparkle!

Raw Grasshopper Crepes (Carob Crepes filled with a Avocado-Mint Cream)

This is my submission to this week’s Raw Food Thursdays, Dead Easy Desserts and Cooking with Herbs.

Raw Grasshopper Crepes (Chocolate Crepes filled with an Avocado-Mint Cream)

1 recipe Chocolate Banana Crepes (see recipe here)
1-2 recipes Avocado Mint Cream (see below)
1 cup chopped strawberries, for garnish

1. Prior to serving, place avocado mint cream on half of the crepe. Fold crepe. Top with sliced strawberries.

Serves 4-8.

Avocado Mint Cream Filling

1 frozen banana
1 avocado
3 tbsp fresh mint (optional, I didn’t really like it), plus some for garnish
1.5 tsp mint extract
1 tsp agave, or to taste

1. Use a food processor or blender to blend until a smooth cream is formed. Sweeten to taste. Thin to your desired consistency.

Makes 1 cup.

  1. OMG, it looks delicious!

  2. OMG Janet! This looks amazing!! And did your mom really make the other version?? Mmmmmmmm!!

    More soon…

    xo S


  3. i’m about to eat breakfast over here..but my food looks nothing like this! 😛

  4. It’s official. I wish I lived next door to you (and you’d be willing fir an extra guest at every meal). These look amazing!

  5. Goodness Janet! These are amazing, and the crepes are perfect 🙂 My next post involves chocolate cacao pancakes but I am now a little hesitant to post it because my pancake skills are seriously sub-par!

  6. I missed your original banana pancakes post and just couldn’t imagine raw chocolate pancakes but these look really good and the filling sounds creamy and dreamy. (I was behind on my valentines cooking and my shrove tuesday cooking too – and isn’t st pat’s day such a long way off it hardly bears consideration yet)

  7. Oh wow Janet! These look insanely good! Though I can’t’ make the crepes as I don’t have a dehydrator I feel like I should make that avocado mint cream and dollop it on regular cooked chocolate pancakes!

  8. I think you hit all holidays with this one- valentines, Pancake Tuesday, St. patty’s even easter! This is such a versatile dessert! And it looks so delicious!

    I love the photos too!

  9. You’ve retained such lovely colour in your ingredients, great job xx

  10. SUCH a GREAT recipe and I LOVE the chocolate crepes too Janet!

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  12. You make my heart pitter patter! I’m featuring these at Raw Foods Thursdays tomorrow!

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  15. This looks so elegant! Very zen… Thanks for sending to Dead Easy Desserts!

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