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Green Hemp Açaí Bowl & The Juice Generation Cookbook Giveaway

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Green Acai Bowl

They let it slip.

My claim to fame.

At my hospital, they get new trainees every year. Obviously, it can be hard to keep track of us all. One of my co-workers may be known for her love of dance, the other that became a new mama, or another that took off suddenly to get married.

I suppose I have a few quirks. Beyond being Canadian, I could be remembered as the bicycle commuter, or perhaps the vegan… But no. Even more memorable are my unique breakfasts. Or breakfast #2 as I call it, since I eat it at work, more than a few hours after I have woken up, eaten after breakfast #1, cycled to work and gone to the gym.

Breakfast #2 is my green goop and I have eating the same thing for the past year: cooked oatmeal, hemp protein powder with some flax and chia seeds. Everything is ready to go in the morning. Once I get to work, I add some hot water, stir it up and love it.

For the uninitiated, the green swamp goop is certainly not appealing. The hemp protein powder is the colouring agent. My breakfast is an acquired taste but all things green need not taste bad. And as I learned here (and my green kale pancakes), even a small amount of green ingredients can blend to a brilliant hue.

Even though I am lamenting leaving my juicer in storage, I have been drinking my way through the smoothies and açaí bowls in The Juice Generation.

Green Acai Bowl

While I cannot lay claim to be a Canadian açaí expert, at least I know how to pronounce it. It has become a new foodie fad. Although, I will not praise any non-scientifically proven claims of this “superfood” other than its anti-oxidant laden berry-licious taste.

Originating from Brazil and popularized in Hawaii, California and eventually New York City, The Juice Generation has been one restaurant to popularize the breakfast açaí bowl. Topped with a hemp seed granola, an açaí bowl has a lot more substance than the rest of their juicy menu. They have 5 flavours on their menu and 5 recipes in their cookbook. Four overlap, but there is a bonus hemp açaí bowl in their cookbook not on their menu.

I found a combination of the green açaí bowl and the hemp açaí bowl to be the perfect combination. When I made my first açaí bowl, I was surprised at how green it turned out. Certainly not a vibrant red from the frozen açaí and not even a murky burgundy, it was positively green. The handful of spinach worked its magic and even masked my subsequent addition of hemp protein powder. The protein powder is now part of my regular addition to the açaí bowl which helped thicken the shake, an important factor since I was eating it like a soup.

The second revelation from my experiments with açaí was that it is naturally not that sweet. Some frozen packets add sugar to compensate, so buyer beware. In this case, I opted to use frozen bananas to buffer the spinach, hemp and açaí. Topped it with Rob’s granola of the week and sprinkled with some additional hemp seeds, I think this is awfully pretty. Green goop and all.

Green Acai Bowl

In addition to the recipes for their açaí bowls, there are also over 100 different combinations for fresh juice and smoothies in their latest cookbook.  Thankfully, the publisher is letting me give a cookbook to one reader living in the United States or Canada. To be entered, please leave a comment here, telling me what you think of green breakfasts (smoothies, puddings, bowls, etc) Do you eat them, too? I will randomly select a winner on May 2, 2014. Good luck!

PS. There is still time to enter the giveaways for The Blender Girl and The Vegan Cookbook, too.

I am sharing this with this month’s Extra Veg.

Note: I was given a copy of the cookbook from the publisher.  I was under no obligation to share a review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Green Hemp Acai Bowl 
Adapted from The Juice Generation

2 packages unsweetened acai puree (I used Sambazon)
1 cup unsweetened soy milk
1 banana, chopped and frozen
1 cup spinach
1 scoop hemp pro powder (I used Hemp Pro 70)

1 tbsp granola (a version of this granola, with hazelnuts, coconut, pumpkin seeds and dried cherries)
2 tsp hemp seeds

1. In a high bleed blender, combine acai puree, soy milk, banana, spinach and protein powder. Blend until smooth. You may need your plunger to get it moving. Remove and place in a bowl. Top with granola and hemp seeds.

Serves 1.

  1. This looks like my kind of cookbook! I love the green hype that most of my food takes on!

  2. Pretty! I haven’t tried acai yet, though I hear it’s tasty. I tend to be more concerned with taste than superfood qualities.

    I’m pretty sure I pick up a reputation pretty quickly- whether it’s for just being vegan, eating “so healthily” or taking pictures of everything I eat! Not that it bothers me…though I prefer the word “quirky” to “crazy” 😉

  3. I’m known as a fairly weird eater as well but I think it’s part of our charm 😉

  4. I dont currently eat them, but I’ve always wanted to try! I’ve never had anything green for breakfast!

  5. What a great breakfast, I need to get back on track again and this looks like the way to start. Thanks!

  6. I make green smoothies as well as green chia puddings. They might not look appealing to everyone, but that simply means there’s more for me to enjoy!
    I have yet to try açaí, I haven’t seen it in stores around here, nor have I seen it on restaurant menus. I’m looking forward to seeing it appear; I guess it’ll come sooner or later…

  7. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway !!! This cookbook seems really intesresting and definitely my type of cookbook since I LOVE green breakfast. I experiment different ways (smoothies, green juice, pudding, bowl, etc.). I think I would enjoyed this wonderful cookbook.

  8. I’ve never tried a breakfast bowl like that before, but I’d definitely give it a go… it looks delicious!

  9. I’m always trying to find new ideas on how to use hemp seeds! I drink green smoothies a lot for breakfast

  10. now that the warm weather is coming back to the northeast, I will be back on the smoothie/soup train. my body craves warm things from December through march/April. looking forward to trying this one!

  11. I love this breakfast idea – it sounds delicious!
    I like how you call it breakfast #2 ;p One of my favourite things about training (running) is what I like to call second breakfast and this sounds like a fantastic recovery meal =)

  12. I can see why this got you a reputation 😉 It sounds great, although I am yet to try acai.

    Thanks again for the give away win too!

  13. Green breakfast is sensible; it can also be delicious. Way more variety than you’d think at first blink.

  14. Try to get a green breakfast in everyday whether it be a green smoothie/juice or a massaged kale salad. Thanks

  15. I love green smoothies for breakfast. I feel like I am starting the day off right!

  16. Big fan of green breakfasts! I find that many of my concoctions actually turn out to be a brownish shade of green when I add things like acai, raspberries or bluberries… not so attractive. My favorite smoothie right now involves romaine, kale, celery, cucumber, avocado, kiwi and lemon juice – it is bright green and delicious.

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  18. I love all sorts of green breakfast, the bowls appeal to me the most so you can put whatever toppings you like on them!

  19. I would love to win this cookbook!

  20. I’ve never had them before but they do look yummy!

  21. Funny, I’ve been enjoying my own version of green goop for breakfast this week too! Love your gorgeous, nutrient-packed bowl! I’m sharing it at Raw Foods Thursdays tomorrow!

  22. never eaten, but it looks delish!

  23. […] Green Hemp Acai Bowl by The Taste Space […]

  24. I had the Almond Butter Acai Bowl from Juice Generation this past weekend while visiting NYC – it was amazing! I’m looking to recreate it at home – it was so tasty 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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