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Raw Mango Ginger Energy Balls & RLCT Recap 2014

In Desserts on June 10, 2014 at 7:10 AM

Raw Mango Ginger Energy Balls

This month has and will be a whirlwind.

In fact, this entire summer will be a crazy, wonderful adventure.

I have not leaked my summer adventures here yet. In brief: cycling, long vacation, moving back to Toronto, and yet more cycling. I am warning you now. There may not be much blogging.

For now, my early summer cycling triumphs have been conquered. A month ago, Rob and I rode the 165-km Shiner GASP and I finally got my riding mojo back a few weeks ago in time to ride the 2-day/334-km Rideau Lake Cycle Tour (RLCT) with my father last weekend. This was my third time on the course, but the second time I did the full “Classic Route”. I described the route the first time I did it in 2011, but each year feels different depending on your level of training, equipment and weather.

Despite reducing my weekly cycling from 250 km to 150 km over the last month, I felt reasonably fit for the ride. I knew there were big hills that I just could not train adequately while in Houston, but we found as many hills as we could.

One difference this year, though, was that I did not have my own bike. A friend of my father graciously lent me a road bike for the weekend, although in the end, it was a men’s bike that did not fit me properly. I took it for a ride the afternoon before the ride and was sore. Too sore, too fast. I frantically tracked down a women’s road bike I could rent for the weekend which is hard to find when over 2000 other people are expected to cycle to Kingston. In the end, I found a nice bike to rent from an unlikely of stores, and they even loaned me cycling shoes to boot. This is the first year I have tried clips for my bicycle. There are different systems for clipping your shoes into bicycle pedals and SPD clips have been the bane of my existence. This weekend, I may have found a new clipping system I prefer: KEO.

In any case, while my Dad and I had fun together riding over the hills, I fell victim to all my new things, with saddle sores. Instead of my legs being tired, it was mainly the soles of my feet and my saddle that were the most bothersome. While some of the hills were still challenging, I felt the best prepared of all years. Granted, my Dad did 80% of the pulling. 😉 Thankfully, the wind was not too bad but I think it helped to shave 15 minutes off our return ride along with an hour less breaks.

I actually did not bring anything recipe-inspired with me during my ride. Instead, I ate lots of bananas, dates and almonds. The dates and almonds would have been pulverized into balls anyways, so it was basically deconstructed trail mix. 😉 I will not deprive you of a delicious recipe, though. They are not too travel-friendly though. I soaked the cashews, as recommended by Sarah, but I found them too creamy to be portable. Still delicious, though. I added some ginger, as a nod to the Lovely Lemon Hemp Protein Bites. I actually think these would be better with a shredded coconut dusting on the outside, but I only had coconut chips which don’t lend as well to pretty exteriors.

I am on vacation for the rest of this week and very happy to not be riding for a few days. Our next goal is finding a place to live.

In case you’re interested, another review of this year’s ride was here and one from the volunteers that man the ham radio stations here.

Please tell me about all your plans for the summer!

Raw Mango Ginger Energy Balls

I am sharing this with Healthy Vegan Fridays.

Raw Mango Ginger Energy Balls
Inspired by My New Roots

2 tsp fresh ginger
1 cup dried unsweetened mango, soaked for 15 minutes (Trader Joe’s sells unsweetened)
2/3 cup cashews (I soaked mine but I found the balls were very soft – so try it without soaking)
1/2 cup dried unsweetened coconut
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/4-1/2 tsp lemon extract
pinch turmeric
pinch salt

1. In a food processor fitted with its S-blade, process ginger until it is in small bits. Add the remaining ingredients and pulse until combined and sticks together. If it is too dry, you may need to add a few drops of water until it sticks together. Roll dough into 1-inch size balls. Refrigerate for an hour and then snack away.

Makes 8-10 bites.

  1. Yum! Love the use of dried mango instead of dates especially with that hit of ginger! Have a lovely vacation and I’ll be seeing you 😉

  2. I love the dried mango idea, must try 🙂 Hope you have a great summer. I don’t have any solid plans for summer yet, except that I will have 6 weeks off (I work in a school) and the kids will have finished their exams. Me and my husband might just jet off somewhere for a week of chilling on a beach in Greece or Spain, and then there’s the perpetual cycle of house renovation and repairs we seem to be locked into…

  3. Good luck for the adventures, and enjoy them 🙂 These are just the things to fuel your activities!

  4. These look delicious and I LOVE ginger, in fact I can’t get enough of it, as I use it daily! These look so easy to make too, which I am all about! Love the mango 🙂

  5. Oh these sound so fun!! I find balls that are a little too creamy harden up nicely in the freezer and set well after that.
    Sounds like you have quite the summer ahead of you =)

    • ps. Thanks for linking this awesome recipe up to Healthy Vegan Fridays! I have pinned your recipe on our Pinterest page =)

  6. Yummm !!! These looks delicious !!! Have a nice summer Janet 🙂 Here, nothing special planned for the summer. I’ll take care of my garden and hope to get nice veggies & herbs.

  7. Hi Janet,
    I just hopped by from Healthy Vegan Friday to explore your amazing raw mango ginger energy balls. I can just imagine how delightful these taste and I am so pleased to see they are easy to make. I am following you on Google + to stay in touch with your vegan recipes. All the best, Deborah

  8. Nomnomnom! Thanks so much for sharing these on Healthy Vegan Fridays! Don’t forget to link back to us.

  9. […] Raw Mango Ginger Energy Balls from The Taste Space: […]

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