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Savoury Chickpea Crumbles

In Mains (Vegetarian) on August 14, 2014 at 6:06 AM

avoury Chickpea Crumbles

Hourray! Our stuff from Houston arrived! Six weeks after we left and a week later than expected. Our scheduling goof-up was that the Canadian Customs will not let your unaccompanied goods enter Canada until you do. So since we went straight to South Africa from Houston, our stuff could only enter Canada after we had returned. The extra delay was due to paperwork problems, out of our control. Anyways, it is here now.

As Eileen said, the worst part is knowing stuff is going to arrive and putting off buying duplicates. So I have been cooking without spices and exotic ingredients. Oddly enough, this was also how I was cooking towards my final days in Houston.

Just to show you exactly what we were cooking down to the wire, this was a delicious concoction we threw together with fridge remnants the day we moved. Rob and I still had a day at work before we took off for 2 overnight flights. I knew I needed some fuel, so my Mom helped at the stovetop as I suggested combinations of ingredients.

Towards to end of my stint in Houston, all of a sudden, I wanted to try.all.the.things, aka all the faux meats at Trader Joe’s. Even though I don’t normally eat them, my positive experience with Beyond Meat told me to branch out a bit and try them while I still could.

The next on deck were TJ’s beefless crumbles and my limited kitchen conferred a surprisingly tasty meal. The crumbles didn’t have too much flavour on their own but this worked really well. I am accustomed to the traditional onion and garlic aromatics but the simple addition of roasted green chiles (has anyone found these in Toronto???) and sun-dried tomatoes made that unnecessary. This was a quickie and delicious meal.

I just ate this as is, but this could easily be added as a filling for a taco or burrito and topped with extra veggies.

Do you cook without aromatics? What do you replace them with?

avoury Chickpea Crumbles

I am sharing this with No Waste Food Challenge.

Savoury Chickpea Crumbles

1 tbsp coconut oil, or oil of choice
12 oz crumbled beef faux meat (I used 1 package of Trader Joe’s beef-less ground beef crumbles)
2 tbsp chopped roasted hatch chiles
1/2 cup chopped sun dried tomatoes (soaked if super dry)
1.5 cups cooked chickpeas, rinsed and drained if canned

1. In a medium-large nonstick skillet over medium heat, heat oil. Once hot, add ground beef analogue. Stir occasionally, allowing it to warm up and brown slightly around 5-10 minutes.

2. Stir in the roasted hatch chiles, sun dried tomatoes and chickpeas. Continue to cook until heated through. Season with salt and pepper.

Can serve inside a taco or burrito, or plainly as is.

Serves 4.

  1. These crumbles could do nicely as a chorizo-type dish.

    Glad you got your pod. Yesterday we drove past a pod that was right by a hospital and Andy shouted “Look! There’s Janet’s Pod!”

    • You are too funny! Although it is true. I had never noticed the pods before and when we drove down to Houston, we saw them all the time. We kept wondering whether our pod was on each truck. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad your things have arrived! I hope you have fun reuniting with everything (especially a proper mattress!) 🙂 This dish looks impressive as something made with last minute ingredient’s – it goes to show it is possible to throw good things together even with little to work with.

  3. So glad to hear you got your stuff! These chickpeas sound like an excellent taco filling. I would be piling them with salsa and slaw. 🙂 I believe you can order frozen Hatch chiles by mail, although I don’t know how well that would work with customs issues.

  4. Hope you are having fun unpacking your stuff and being glad it has arrive (rather than wondering why you bothered to send it home as I have occasionally thought upon unpacking things!). When I have been about to move or just arrived in a new home I am more likely to buy a pasta sauce or spice paste mix than I normally would, which often takes care of aromatics! I’d like those chickpeas in a taco i think but am always unsure about that faux meat

  5. Welcome home! Are you going to miss trader joes? Have heard amazing things about it.

  6. This looks ever so interesting. I can see it as a meal on it’s own or as a side dish to something else =)

  7. Yay for your stuff arriving!

    It’s funny you mention cooking without aromatics…the restaurant I work at (Vegetarian Haven) doesn’t use onions, garlic, or any members of the allium family! And their food is delicious! There’s lots of ginger and other spices around though. I find I don’t miss the onion and garlic and my digestive system appreciates the break (onions and garlic have always made me feel off). Now I just need to learn the chef’s secrets 😉

  8. Glad it arrived! Sounds like a hassle! 😦 What a wonderful way to use these chickpeas and hatch chiles (mmm), have you tried BeyondMeat beef-free crumbles? They are pretty tasty! I like dishes with aromatics sometimes, but most vegetarian dishes in Asia don’t use garlic and onion and still taste wonderful 😉

  9. I’m so not a fan of fake meat… but this sounds pretty good and I really need to get a little more creative with my protein sources. I suppose I should branch out and check out my local TJ’s.

  10. What a lovely sounding recipe – so quick and tasty. Thanks for sharing with the no waste food challenge!

  11. […] of onions, garlic and carrot then added the cabbage, tomato and soyrizo. It reminded me of my easy savoury chickpea crumbles, but in soup form. I am thinking of trying this out again but with a different veg sausage – […]

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