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Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Green Chili & JL’s Vegan Pressure Cooking Giveaway

In Book Review, Mains (Vegetarian) on December 16, 2014 at 8:17 AM

Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Green Chili

Need a great idea for a gift? How about a pressure cooker along with a new cookbook.

Pressure cookers are not so scary. In fact, they are pretty awesome.

I have mentioned it only in passing, but Rob gifted me a pressure cooker for my birthday and I have been experimenting with it over the past few months. At first, I was experimenting with cooking different beans and grains. It felt awesome to think “I want some cooked chickpeas” and an hour later, after adding the dried beans to the pressure cooker, I had myself some chickpeas. The no-soak required beans has alleviated my freezer congestion (I oftentimes freeze leftover beans) and made me more creative in the kitchen.

First of all, let me not mislead you: Pressure cookers need time to come up to pressure. In my machine, it takes 20 minutes. So while it may seem incredible that you only need to cook black eyed peas for 6-8 minutes, that is in addition to a 20 minute warm up and more minutes cool down (unless you release the pressure manually). I have an electric machine, so that benefit is that it does not need a burner on the oven and you can safely walk away while it does its thing. The downside is that it does not come up to as high a pressure as the stovetop ones, which is what most cookbooks cater to. Also, any recipes that all for sauteing need a separate skillet. There are pros and cons of each, as JL points out in her fabulous new cookbook, Vegan Pressure Cooking (available online now! it arrived early!).

JL's Vegan Pressure Cooking

In addition to her approachable FAQ on how to begin pressure cooking, she also has a host of recipes to start you on your new pressure cooking journey. She answers your looming fear: How can I avoid blowing up my pressure cooker? as well as Why do cooking times vary? Which pressure cooker should I buy? and How does an electric pressure cooker differ from a stove top pressure cooker? She has reference tables for pressure cooking vegan staples (vegetables, beans and grains) and her recipes are categorized similarly.

In her Beans and Grains chapter, she includes basic recipes like Italian lentils but also (slightly) more involved recipes like Dill Long-Grain White Rice; Oat, Amaranth and Carrot Porridge and Cinnamon-Curried Chickpeas. In her Soups and Stews chapter, her recipes span Chik’n Lentil Noodle Soup, very Veggie Split Pea Soup and Tofu Chickpea Artichoke and Potato Soup. Personally, those looked like one-pot meals to me, but JL has even more one-pot meals in chapter four including Gingered Adzuki Beans, Greens and Grains; Vegan “Bacon” and Cabbage and Soy Curl Mac ‘n Cheese. If you thought this was all beans and grains (yes, all the beans are dear to my heart), she also has a chapter for meal helpers and veggie sides which highlights recipes like steamed kabocha squash, savoury root vegetable mash, rosemary and thyme Brussels sprouts, and jackfruit and sweet potato enchiladas. Chapter six is for sauces and dips, and JL has a trick for her pressure cooker hummus and other savoury options like dal dip and ginger-cinnamon white bean gravy. And when you thought there was nothing more to make in the pressure cooker, the last chapter is for dessert! JL uses beans in a coconut-gingered black bean brownie but also includes recipes that rely more on the pressure cooker such as easy applesauce and peachy butter.

I think you know may understand why I may want another pressure cooker. I want to make all the things. Thankfully, I have had the cookbook for a while and managed to squeeze out a new recipe each weekend. In theory a pressure cooker may help me cook more often, but old habits die hard and I like my weekend batch cooking. Thankfully, I was able to share my favourite recipe thus far: JL’ Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Green Chili. Only after I got the photos, did I realize it was from her cover. Good choice, JL, good choice. Also it is a good thing I am not your photographer. 😉

In any case, I even added JL’s suggested 2 cups of celery and as a confessed celery hater, it was still very good. I still really liked it. The tomato sauce was deliciously savoury and worked well with the black eyed peas. This recipe, like nearly everything in the cookbook, could easily be adapted to use without a pressure cooker. You would just need to wait a bit longer. With that being said, I really think this is a good, solid vegan cookbook, pressure or no pressure cooker. I love its focus on quick and easy cooking featuring whole foods.

Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Green Chili

Recipes from Vegan Pressure Cooking found elsewhere:

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew

Curried Mung Bean Stew

New World Székely Goulash

Quinoa-Millet-Pea Bowl

Umami Anasazi Beans

Thankfully, the publisher allowed me to giveaway the cookbook to a reader living in the United States or Canada. To be entered in the random draw for the book, please leave a comment below telling me whether you have a pressure cooker (and if so, your favourite thing to make in it). A bonus entry for a second comment telling me about your favourite recipe by JL. The winner will be selected at random on December 22, 2014. Good luck!

PS. I am sharing this with this week’s Virtual Vegan Potluck.

Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Green Chili
Reprinted, courtesy of Vegan Pressure Cooking

JL’s note: The combination of this legume and leafy green sounds like a typical Southern dish and understandably, because in the South it is considered good luck to consume together on New Year’s Day. A colorful dish, the protein-rich black-eyed pea and calcium-rich collard greens are also high in iron.

4 large collard green leaves
1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 cup (80 g) diced red onion
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups (260 g) chopped carrot
2 cups (240 g) chopped celery
2 tablespoons (12 g) chili powder (Janet’s note: I substituted Ancho chile powder)
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon (3 g) dried oregano
1 teaspoon seeded and diced fresh jalapeno
2 cups (400 g) dried black-eyed peas, rinsed and drained
2 bay leaves
1 can (28 ounces, or 784 g) diced tomatoes
1 can (8 ounces, or 224 g) tomato sauce (Janet’s note: I used 1.5 cups)
2 cups (470 ml) vegetable broth
1 cup (235 ml) water
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon sea salt (optional)

1. Halve each collard leaf lengthwise with kitchen shears or a sharp knife, cutting out and discarding the center ribs. Stack the leaves and cut crosswise into 1/4-inch (6 mm) wide strips.

2. In an uncovered pressure cooker heat the oil on medium-high. Add the onion and garlic and saute for about 2 minutes, until the onion begins to soften. Add the carrots and celery and continue to saute for another 3 to 5 minutes. Add the collard greens, chili powder, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, oregano, and jalapeno and saute for a minute or two. Add the black-eyed peas, bay leaves, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, broth, and water. Stir to combine.

3. Cover and bring to pressure. Cook at high pressure for 10 minutes. Allow for a natural release.

4. Remove the cover and taste the black-eyed peas. Add salt to taste. If they are not thoroughly cooked, simmer on low, uncovered, until done. Remove the bay leaves before serving.

 Serves 4-6.

Reprinted with permission from Fair Winds Press © 2015

  1. I have never used a pressure cooker.

  2. That collard green chili looks so good! Sounds like a fabulous book! I have never used a pressure cooker before, but have heard great things. Thanks so much for sharing both the pros and cons of them! Hope you are doing well Janet!

  3. I have a fagor stove top pressure cooker. Just learning how to cook in it. I’ve liked chef AJ’s red lentil chili.

  4. I do have a pressure cooker but I have only used it a few times so far and could use more ideas/inspiration for it!

  5. What an awesome giveaway! I have a stove top pressure cooker; mostly I use it to cook beans, or use a regular lid and make soup the old fashioned way. I’d love to learn to expand my cooking horizons and make meals in it!

    The collard greens recipe you posted looks wonderful! I love growing collards in my garden; this recipe should be a good one to make at my house. Thanks for posting it.

  6. I do have a pressure cooker, but have only used it twice. I’m still a little nervous.

  7. I have an electric pressure cooker. I love making soups and stews, it’s magic. It’s also really useful to cook beans quickly.

  8. Ohhh great !!! I’m really excited about this giveaway since I have a pressure cooker but only used it once. Yeahh…I know…shame on me. This thing kind of intimidate me. I was really excited to receive it as a gift, but after…?! I really need some help to give me more confidence with this thing and this book seems perfect for me !!! Hé hé…!!! Thanks 🙂

  9. I have 2 pressure cookers! Several years ago I took a cooking class in which the teacher made short grain brown rice in the pressure cooker. That rice was amazing and I’ve been hooked on pressure cooking ever since. It is phenomenal for making extremely flavorful soups and stews in a very short time. It does take some practice to learn how to use it, but what new cooking method doesn’t require practice? Most pressure cookers today have a pressure release valve (for safety reasons) so the fear of blowing up the kitchen is unwarranted! I highly recommend a book by Lorna Sass – Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure.

  10. I don’t have favorite recipe to recommand you since I never tried JL’s recipes, but the Chik’n Lentil Noodle Soup and your Black-eyed Peas & Collards Chili definitely interest me and I’ll try them as soon as I get the chance 🙂

  11. i don’t have a pressure cooker but would like to get one and start experimenting.

  12. I have one that was my late grandmother’s,but it’s so old that It’s time to get a new one soon. 🙂

  13. I don’t have one and honestly have not thought of them in years. However, looking at the cooking times on this recipe, I am thinking seriously about it.

    That being said, I am also interested in the recipe. I have been on a serious greens kick. My wife loves all kinds of chilis and the crock pot gets used a lot in winter.

  14. I don’t have a pressure cooker, but after seeing some of JL’s recipes and the Fat Free Vegan’s recipes and the Happy Herbivore gush over hers, I think I am in the market for one!

  15. I can’t wait to try JL’s Piri Piri Cauliflower Steak recipe. It looks like something even I can make!

  16. I have pressure cooker and I always use it for my beans.Check my recipe of three bean salad which I cooked in pressure cooker. http://herbsspicesandtradition.blogspot.ca/2014/06/three-bean-salad.html


  17. I just bought the Instant Pot and have been trying new recipes and learning how to convert old ones. I would love to try the recipes in this new book.

  18. I’ve been using a stove top pressure cooker for years – in fact I own 2 kuhn rikons. I love to make vegan risotto in it.

  19. Love my PC. My favorite thing to make in it is a New Orleans White Bean Stew from Lorna Sass.

  20. I love my pressure cooker! My favorite thing to make is minestrone.

  21. I have a pressure cooker, but have not used it much. This cookbook is definitely on my wish list!

  22. I have always been a bit scared of pressure cookers – lived with someone who owned one many years back and it was a beast of a contraption. Interesting to hear about your experience with one. Maybe one day. Being able to cook beans quickly and make dishes like this would be great

  23. One used a stove top for years and recently purchased an instapot. Beans and grains stews are my go to dishes.

  24. […] everyone! I wanted to start today with some fun news! Head on over to The Taste Space to enter to win a copy of Vegan Pressure Cooking! I truly appreciate Janet’s kind words […]

  25. I don’t yet have a pressure cooker, but reading JL’s blog for the last few weeks has been making me consider getting one! I already batch cook a lot, so it would make a lot of sense for me.

  26. And for my bonus entry, long long ago JL posted a recipe for a “chicken” salad sandwich filling made from soy curls that is one of my main standbys! So good.

  27. I’ve never used a pressure cooker.

  28. I’m getting an electric pressure cooker for christmas, I know she prefers the stove top kind,I wonder if can use the recipes in the electric one?

  29. No pressure cooker but mother has one and she has convinced me that getting one would be convenient for my family during meal prep time. Thanks

  30. Bonus entry: I like and have made BBQ Pulled Jackfruit in slow cooker. I sandwich it on a bun with avocado and vegan sour cream. Thanks

  31. No i dont have a pressure cooker but i can see all the amazing things you can do with one

  32. I bought a pressure cooker half a year ago and I use it constantly. My favorite thing to make is mashed potatoes. Takes, like, 15 minutes, and requires about 30 seconds of effort.

  33. I do not have a pressure cooker, though I do make ‘slow cooker’ recipes that simmer all day.

  34. Sloppy Sandwich Made Just Right sounds pretty tasty and like it would have good texture. I also saw the recipe for homemade refried beans Yum!

  35. Wow, this looks really good! I got an Instant Pot electric pressure cooker last Christmas and I love it. Soups and pots of beans are the thing I cook in it the most. I love that the IP has saute and slow-cooker function as well as being a pressure cooker.

  36. I was fortunate to be a recipe tester for JL when she was developing the recipes for “Vegan For Her” (co-written with Ginny Messina). A couple favorites are the slaw made with kale stems (!) and the adzuki bean chili.

  37. We use our rice cooker as a type of pressure cooker. My favorite thing to cook in it is lentils with some squash or sweet potato and curry spices.

  38. I don’t own a pressure cooker yet, but I’ve got my eye on an Instant Pot.

  39. My favorite recipe of JL’s is her Sloppy Sandwich Made Just Right.

  40. I have a Fagor pressure cooker I purchased years ago but mainly use it to cook beans and soup. I really need to broaden my horizon.

  41. I don’t have a pressure cooker…I have been fearful to use one in the past,but the recipes look wonderful and JL is so enthusiastic, maybe I will try it.

  42. I currently do not own a pressure cooker, but seriously need to consider getting one, if only to decimate my bean supply & am thinking maybe an Insta-pot.

  43. I have a Fagor stove top pressure cooker that I use mostly to batch cook beans, much better and more affordable than canned. Also use Jill Nussinow’s site/book for ideas. The new generation pressure cookers much more user friendly than the ones my grandmothers used, with the jiggly top known to “blow up” at times and scare us children “back in the day.” I like the black eyed pea collard green chili recipe, and plan to make this for New Years feast!

  44. I don’t have a pressure cooker but for sure I’d start either the basics-chickpeas, black beans, brown rice and then move on to more complex dishes.

  45. The pressure cooker has been on my bucket list forever! I have been researching it for a long time (it kinda scares me lol) but after reading and following JL Fiields for over a year now I think I’m ready to go for it. Would love to start with all her teaching and cooking.

  46. Love the spices in this recipe, have wanted a pressure cooker for ever!

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  48. I bought a 3-in-1 pressure/slow/rice cooker but have yet to use the pressure cooker part. I know I need to play with it, but I want this cookbook!!!

  49. We have a pressure cooker but we don’t use it much, mostly to cook artichokes. So this book would be great for us.

  50. I really need to pull my pressure cooker out of storage. I’d like to make more than the basics.

  51. I love my pressure cooker! I usually just make it to cook up dried beans and things, not complete meals except the occasional curry.

  52. I have my mother’s old pressure cooker, but haven’t used it in years. I really do need to start using it again.

  53. I’m the holidays will bring a pressure cooker my way, finger crossed!

  54. I am afraid of pressure cookers! I need to do some more research. I’m reading your post about cooking chickpeas in an hour instead of soaking 4-8, then cooking for 1-1.5… it takes *so* long! And I’m just not pressed enough for time to justify buying canned.
    I don’t know why, but I have this weird fear that anything that takes that quickly to cook is somehow weirdly unhealthy in some way? I know it doesn’t make sense. I’m such a weird-o sometimes, but you are getting me to reconsider. Maybe I should get the cookbook to assuage my fears!

  55. […] Black-Eyed Pea and Collard Green Chili from The Taste Space: […]

  56. […] you are looking for recipes with a pressure cooker, other than JL’s new book, I recommend checking out Indian cookbooks. Or more specifically, I knew there were plenty of […]

  57. […] 2015: Black Eyed Pea and Collard Green Chili […]

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