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Raw Gingerbread Cookies with a Lucuma-Maple Frosting + Raw Cookies Cookbook Giveaway

In Book Review, Desserts on December 18, 2014 at 7:53 AM

Raw Gingerbread Cookies with a Lucuma-Maple Frosting + Raw Cookies Cookbook Giveaway

Cookie time! Raw no-bake cookies!

A gingerbread cookie, spiced with fresh ginger, cinnamon and cloves with a touch of mesquite with a base of almonds and caramel-like dates. Topped with a lucuma-maple frosting, not too sweet, just perfect. It was uncanny how it definitely had the flavour of gingerbread (hello fresh ginger!) without any molasses.

Raw Gingerbread Cookies with a Lucuma-Maple Frosting + Raw Cookies Cookbook Giveaway

Usually a raw cookie means ridiculously easy but I went for the more ornate cookie + frosting option. I used the tops of Mason jars as my cookie cutter to keep things simple, but feel free to cut out all the crazy shapes you desire.

Raw Gingerbread Cookies with a Lucuma-Maple Frosting + Raw Cookies Cookbook Giveaway

The cookie comes from a new cookbook, Raw Cookies by Julia Corbett. One might think it was all about raw cookies. True, all the cookies are raw. But not vegan (there is raw butter and honey in some of the recipes) but there is quite a variety of options. The cookies are broken down into coconut-based cookies (eg, Coconut Macadamia Shortbread, Lemon Poppyseed Coconut Cream Cookies), cacao-based cookies (eg, Pecan Fudge Caramel Bites, Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies and Chocolate-Topped Crunchy Peanut Cookie Bars), nut-based cookies (eg, Hazelnut Sugar Cookies, Salted Ginger Chewies and Jungle Buckeyes), seed-based cookies (eg, Ayurvedic Sesame Treats, Pumpkin Seed Spumoni), raw butter based cookies (eg, Raw Butter Snickerdoodles), Fruit-Based Cookies (eg, Wild Berry Jam Linzer Cookies) and Frostings (eg, White and Dark Chocolate Frostings).

Raw Gingerbread Cookies with a Lucuma-Maple Frosting + Raw Cookies Cookbook Giveaway

I will admit, I was excited to try the cocoa-based cookies first but many recipes called for cacao paste. I have some cacao butter hiding in my pantry but not cacao paste. So until I locate the paste, I settled for trying the fun raw gingerbread cookies. I changed a few things, like adding in some dates to help it stick together. Although by the time the cookies had solidified, the cookies were very firm, so I may have added the dates too prematurely. I also used fresh ginger (and lots of it) because I only stock the good stuff. I find the flavours of fresh and ground ginger to be quite different, so definitely add to taste. Apparently I have a very high tolerance for ginger. Bring it on!

I also really liked the contrast with the luscious frosting. I didn’t add any ginger to it, to counter the cookie base, but it worked out well. Mine was slightly lumpy because I mixed it by hand but it only bothered me after taking the photos, not while eating it.

Raw Gingerbread Cookies with a Lucuma-Maple Frosting + Raw Cookies Cookbook Giveaway



Thankfully, the publisher allowed me to giveaway the cookbook to a reader living anywhere in the world. To be entered in the random draw for the book, please leave a comment below telling me about your favourite holiday dessert. The winner will be selected at random on December 22, 2014. Good luck!

Raw Gingerbread Cookies
Reprinted, courtesy of Raw Cookies

1 cup almonds
1.5 cups coconut flakes, macaroon- cut or fine-cut
1/4 cup sun-dried cane juice crystals or coconut sugar
1–2 tablespoons raw honey (liquid or crystallized) or coconut nectar (Janet’s note: I used agave)
1 tablespoon mesquite pod meal
1 teaspoon ginger powder (Janet’s note: I used 1 tbsp freshly grated ginger)
1 teaspoon coconut oil, solid or liquid
Janet’s addition: 5-10 pitted dates, as needed to get dough to stick together
1/4  teaspoon clove powder
1/4  teaspoon cinnamon powder
1/2 teaspoon ashwagandha extract powder (Janet’s note: omitted)
1/4  teaspoon Himalayan salt

1. Using a high-power blender, grind the almonds and the coconut flakes into a fine flour.

2. Grind the sugar into a powder in a spice grinder or high-power blender.

3. Place all ingredients in a food processor, and mix until combined and a dough is forming, sticking together easily.

4. Form a ball, and press, by hand, onto a parchment- paper-lined cutting board. Roll with a straight-sided glass or a rolling pin, if necessary, until the dough is about 1/4-inch thick. Chill for 1 hour or longer.

5. Then cut out shapes with a cookie cutter, and carefully transfer to a plate. Set aside.

Lucuma-Maple Frosting aka Ginger Spice Frosting

1/4 cup coconut oil, solid
3 tablespoons maple syrup
2 tablespoons lucuma powder
1/2 teaspoon ginger powder (Janet’s note: omitted)
few pinches of Himalayan salt
few pinches of cinnamon powder
few pinches of nutmeg
few pinches of anise powder (Janet’s note: omitted)

1. To make the Ginger Spice Frosting, be sure your coconut oil is solidified; chill if necessary.

2. Whip the coconut oil in a small bowl with a spoon until most of the lumps are gone. Mix in the maple syrup, and whip until creamed together.

3. Mix in all remaining ingredients, and whip until a smooth frosting consistency forms.

4. Frost Gingerbread Cookies with a butter knife or a spoon, or pipe on with a pastry bag.

5. Chill until ready to serve. Store chilled.

Makes about 16 1/4-inch-thick cookies

  1. Wow these sound yummy. I too am a fan of ginger. Might try the recipe without the lucuma powder with hopes that the maple syrup will add enough ‘maplie’ flavor.

    My favorite holiday treat…oh…which one to pick…I guess if I can only pick one – I’ll pick one from childhood and one of my current ones… might be the amazing little sugar cookies my mom, brother and myself would make with slathered on butter cream icing. My current one might be a espresso Frangelico terimisu!

  2. Can not wait to try these. Though I must admit I had to look up a few of the ingredients, do you think that they really add that much to the recipe? Or can I get away with any kind of substitute? Thanks and keep up your good work!(Lucima powder, mesquite pod powder)

  3. Interesting! I have not heard about this book. These ginger cookies sound amazing, and I happen to have some lucuma in my cupboard that needs to be used.

    Btw, I often buy my cacao products from realrawfood.com, just in case you’re looking for a source for cacao paste. 🙂

  4. Ohhh…sounds interesting !!! And yummy too 🙂 I’m a fan of raw cooking, so this book would be a great addition. Usually, all raw dessert are a big hit here. Actually my favorite dessert during the holidays are raw brownies and a raw cookie with buckwheat, coconut and cocoa…yummm !!!

  5. Great giveaway! Thanks for hosting. Favorite holiday dessert? Probably something simple, like a banana ice kream. When I make a dessert recipe, I try to let my kids have most of it. Perhaps the raw cookies here would be things they could make….

  6. ooh, those cookies sound delicious. as for my family, they’re really into pecan pie. I was thinking about trying a raw version this year as an experiment

  7. My favourite holiday dessert is millet blended with cocoa and dates.

  8. Those cookies sound great, and while I’m not usually a frosting person, I’d totally make this one! It’d be a delicious way to use some of the lucuma powder I have.
    My grandma who used to make a truly awesome pecan pie, and that’s always the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a favorite holiday dessert.

  9. Just wanted to say that this recipes sounds so good. When I make raw balls (and I tend to make a lot and them get tired of them and then start the process again…) I always make them in “balls” but it was so fresh to see that you make your cookies as “cookies”. Thank you for the inspiration!!!!
    For the holidays, my family usually made gluten free pound cake and fluffy white cookies with white icing and coconut. As I am doing my best to not make these items, I don’t have a new traditional baked item 🙂
    I’d love to win the book.

  10. I like Russian tea cakes!

  11. I love making gingerbread house during holidays, this recipe is delicious! My mother’s eggnog cheesecake is the most anticipated holiday dessert.

  12. Macaroons!

  13. Yum! 😀 Gingerbread is such an awesome and refreshing flavour combination – it’s good to step back from chocolate and the usual suspects now and again.

    My favourite holiday dessert – what a difficult question! For the sake of nostalgia, probably trifle – jelly, (vegan) custard, spongey cake. It’s what we used to eat on xmas when I was a young glutton. These days though I prefer a layered raw fruit + buckwheat type cake since it’s summer now 😀

  14. Not here for the draw but just wanted to leave a comment when I came across this. Gingerbread is one of my favourite things ever, just anything with that spice combination really. So fascinating to see it in a RAW cookie- know it must not be that new anymore but I guess I’m just old-fashioned and so have never thought of it. Love it. On a separate note, my favourite holiday dessert is crumble and custard. Gets me everytime. x

  15. my favorite is a gingerbred trifle.

  16. The cookies look yummy! Cookies are my favorite dessert.

  17. Gingerbread. Absolutely delicious. =)

  18. Gingerbread cookies! Love them! Merry Christmas!

  19. The fresh cherries and mangoes integral to an Australian Christmas.

  20. One of my favorite holiday desserts is Panetone. I look forward to getting one each year. One of these days I’m going to make bread pudding with it.

  21. Oooh a raw cookie cookbook? Sounds fab! Love the sound of it even though they aren’t all vegan – it sounds like there are a lot of vegan options. I thought I was the only one using lacuma, love the sound of this frosting =)

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