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Chewy Lemon-Coconut Granola Bars

In Desserts on October 13, 2015 at 7:20 AM

Lemon-Coconut Granola Bars

Tis the season for snack bars.

The summer is when I typically make my snack bars, aligning with my cycling adventures. However since I broke my ankle last year, I haven’t been cycling the long distances. I still cycle to work with is a very manageable 16 km, round-trip. Lately, I have a few extra meetings downtown, though, which has added an extra 18 km to my commute a few times each week. By the third day in a row, my legs can feel it! Having these extra snacks on hand have been very helpful.

Lemon-Coconut Granola Bars

I used Isa’s recipe from Isa Does It as a guide. They were a bit too sweet as written so I decreased the maple syrup and brown rice syrup to compensate. I also swapped lemon extract for the coconut extract for a fun twist. I am a big fan of sweet lemon treats and these hit the spot.

Do you have a favourite snack bar?

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Chewy Lemon-Coconut Granola Bars
Adapted from Isa Does It (original recipe seen here)

1/2 cup smooth natural almond butter
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup brown rice syrup
1 tbsp coconut oil, melted
1 tsp lemon extract
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups rolled oats
1 cup crisp rice cereal (like Rice Krispies)
3/4 cup unsweetened shredded coconut (I used coconut chips)
1/2 cup dates, coarsely chopped

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line an 8-inch square baking pan with parchment paper.

2. In a large bowl, stir together the almond butter, maple syrup and brown rice syrup until smooth. Stir in the oil, extract and salt.

3. Using a fork and eventually your hands, mix the oats and crisp rice cereal. Stir in the coconut and dates and knead until well distributed.

4. Transfer the mixture to the parchment-lined pan and spread evenly in the pan. Use your fingers to press the mixture in firmly.

5. bake for 22-25 minutes until the sides are golden.

6. Remove from the head and allow to cool completely in the pan. To remove from the pan, lift form the parchment paper. Use a chef’s knife to slice into 8 bars. Individually wrap in saran wrap for easy transportation and store in the fridge for up to a week.

Makes 8.

  1. these look super tasty! I need to stop buying granola bars!

  2. I’ve been trying to bike more… mind you, it probably only adds up to about 20km a week. Wowzers you bike a lot. That’s awesome. And it’s getting chilly your way.
    These look like the perfect post-bike snack. I’ll have to make some to bring with me =)

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