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In Events/Round-Ups on November 15, 2015 at 4:27 PM

Hiking in Death Valley

Hi again. Sorry for the lack of posting. Rob and I just returned from a fabulous camping roadtrip in California. (That’s a picture of me hiking in Death Valley!)

Instead of reading blogs while on vacation, I tend to use it as a way to catch up on some of the articles I have saved through Pocket. Last time, when I returned from Madagascar, I had a curated list of links about travel and Madagascar. This time, I have a few fun articles to recommend, which range from nerdy science things (parasite cancer killing a man with HIV), the future is now (robot secretary?), foodie things (how non-food things make food taste), travel (there is a company that sells your unclaimed lost luggage) as well as a look into the corporate culture in Amazon. Enjoy!

What did you read that you liked this month?

A Washington couple took a paternity test for their child. The man wasn’t the father. His unborn twin was via The National Post
This is an awesome post about how two people can make a child that is not entirely biologically related.

A Man Died After His Parasitic Worm Got Cancer via IFL Science
A lot of weird things have happen when you are immunocompromised, and this is a tale of someone with HIV dying from a parasite that had cancer.

An Open Letter to My 15-Year-Old Self Just Before the Start of High School via Raptitude
With a home and job, I perhaps feel a bit like an adult. This is a fabulous letter for a teenager navigating the world.

Life with my Robot Secretary via Fastco Design
I watched Ex Machina (great movie, btw) before I read this and found it captivating. I wonder what percentage of emails were turfed to humans for decryption.

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered and it is not what you Think via Huffington Post
A very interesting article about the cause of addiction. I haven’t watched his TED talk yet but I hear it is also excellent, if not better.

How PTSD Became a Problem Fay Beyond the Battlefield via Vanity Fair
I didn’t know PTSD was such a new diagnosis, but this was a fascinating look into PTSD amongst war veterans as more soldiers return home.

Why Women Bake via The Guardian
I don’t bake often but I found this article to be a poignant essay on the mysteries and trust used when baking. By extension, I think this would also extrapolate to vegan cuisine. You usually end up with something more than the sum of its parts.

Accounting for Taste via The New Yorker
I know there are many environmental cues for portion sizes, there are also environmental cues for taste. Round vs square plates, blue plates, etc. Fascinating.

The Archive of Eating via The New York Times
A tale of documenting the history of recipes from cookbooks. By extension, a look at the change of society through the evolution of blog posts. Even a trip through my own blog will see me go from omnivore to vegan.

A Penny for Your Books via The New York Times
Have you ever wondered about the discount books that get sold for a cent? This is a story more about software than books, but still an excellent read. Are paper books here to stay?

This is a Story about Loss via Racked
Always a timely read while on vacation, this is an article about where unclaimed lost baggage goes… and the amazing finds people have left behind. Thank goodness my baggage came home with me, even though it was inspected by the TSA.

Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace via The New York Times
We visited both Google and Apple headquarters during our trip, so again, I found this article to be timely. Instead of a supportive community for Google employees (we had a vegan lunch there! they even had vegan brownies and vegan froyo!), the complete opposite seems to prevail at Amazon. I read The Life and Death of an Amazon Temp earlier during the trip, but this article was all about the white collar workers and the vicious work environment. Interesting food for thought.

  1. Love the reading reccomendations! I’ve read a couple of the articles you mentioned already and have added some others to my list. Thank you!

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