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41 Vegetarian Sorrel Recipes

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Sorrel Recipes // Garden Sorrel

No other vegetable at this time of year has such power, or complexity. Sorrel is fruity like rhubarb. It is tart like lemon. It is herbal like basil. And it can be treated like all three. — Amanda Hesser in New York Times

In general I like to put plants in my garden that I enjoy eating (kale and herbs are my easy go-to plants). However, now that I have a backyard, I am trying to groom it to become self-sufficient with perennials that will come back year after year. Last year my aunt gifted me with a new-to-me green/herb: sorrel.

Sorrel might be new-to-you, too. I have a few gardening books and the only one that had something about it was The Complete Herb and Vegetable Gardener (I guess it was complete!) but here is a great guide online. In stores, it is hard to find, but easy to appreciate.

Sorrel is a perennial that has sour, tangy leaves. The picture above is from my garden, where it lives in partial shade. Young growth from the spring has the best flavour (the leaves a bit smaller than what you see here) whereas the sourness is accentuated in older leaves. Remove any flowers so the plant can focus on making more leaves. Despite being a perennial plant, sorrel need to replaced every 3-4 years but should be easy to grow. This is the garden sorrel variety (Rumex acetosa) but there is also a less acidic variety with more lemony notes called French sorrel (Rumex acetosella). For those interested, Richters sells a few varieties, including Garden Sorrel, True French Sorrel and their own in-house variety Profusion Sorrel which doesn’t produce any flowers and makes lots of green leaves.

Sorrel is known for adding acidity to soups, and the Vegetarian Flavour Bible highlights its affinity for potatoes, spinach, onions as well as soups, salads and sauces. Clotilde also has an extensive list of suggestions on how to eat sorrel and here are The Vegetable Butcher’s top 10 ways to use sorrel. Here, I have compiled an extensive list of vegan (or vegan friendly) recipes using sorrel. Enjoy!


Food & Wine

Bean salad with tarator dressing

Chickpeas with sorrel

Curried young coconut salad with sorrel

Quinoa salad with grilled scallions, favas and dates

Ottolenghi’s Fried beans with sorrel, feta and sumac

Ottolenghi’s Warm potato salad with sorrel and samphire

Pear and winter green salad with sorrel

Pickled mushroom and sorrel potato salad

Roasted rhubarb and asparagus pasta salad with sorrel

Royal potato salad

Spiced chickpeas, carrot and sorrel

Spiced roast peach and beet salad with sorrel

Zingy chickpea and sorrel salad



creamy sorrel soup

Cold sorrel and coconut milk soup

Creamy sorrel soup

Creamy sorrel soup with harissa from “Modern Jewish Cooking”

Eastern European sorrel soup (Schav)

French lentil soup with roasted carrots and sorrel pesto

Lentil and sorrel soup

Sorrel and bean soup

Sorrel-kale soup

Springtime soupe au pistou with a sorrel sauce



Green Curry Porridge Recipe

Chana dal with sorrel leaves

Dal with sorrel

Green curry porridge from 101 Cookbooks

Soy chunks garden sorrel curry



spring vegetarian cassoulet with sorrel

Spring vegetable stew

Spring vegetarian cassoulet with sorrel



sorrel pesto

Fettuccine with tomato and lovage sauce

Lemony spinach pepita pesto

Sorrel and rhubarb sauce

Sorrel pesto



Sorrel potatoes

Rice Bowl with Sorrel, Kale, Lemon and Radishes



Lemon & Fresh Sorrel Sherbet

Lemon & fresh sorrel sherbet (vegetarian)

Iced sorrel (aka instant lemon sherbet)

Rhubarb sorrel crisp

Sorrel granita

Sorrel-buttermilk panna cotta (vegetarian)



sorrel lime cooler

Sorrel lime cooler



Fermented herbs


Have you ever tried sorrel? What are your favourite ways to use it?

  1. Sorrels are fantastic! I love the description from the NYT – spot on. I can’t say I’ve ever considered sorrel sherbet. I wouldn’t turn it down though!

  2. What a creative round up! The recipes look fantastic and I am so looking forward to trying them! Thank you for including my Sorrel Pesto.

  3. Yes!!!! Love this :))) I’ve been neglecting my little sorrel patch, mostly due to the mess of a kitchen you saw on Sunday, but can’t wait to get some new ideas for things to try with it. It’s flowering already, but I’ll get on top of that to keeping those leaves coming. Thanks for putting this together. So great!

  4. That was so interesting! Never had sorrel, but from your description and looking at the fantastic recipes you listed, I’d love it! Thank you for sharing, and the pic of the sorrel in your garden looks lovely!

  5. AMAZING! I love hearing about new vegetables, and this one looks so versatile, I’ll go in search of it!! Thank you

  6. What a comprehensive round up of recipes! I’m trying to establish more perennial food plants in my backyard, too. As much as I love the harvest from the kitchen garden, there’s something really satisfying in picking blueberries, strawberries, and rhubarb from the same plants year after year. Sorrel sounds like something I should find space for.

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