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Raw Apple Cinnamon Macaroons

In Desserts, Favourites on November 26, 2013 at 7:07 AM

Raw Apple Cinnamon Macaroons

I have embraced being a (temporary) Texan.

Summer in November? Yes.

Biking year round? Definitely.

I have obviously already forgotten about the hot, humid summer..

One problem, though: my dates are all messed up. Time is literally flying by. I saw an event for the end of November and thought it was weeks away. It was warm and sunny at the time… my internal clock had not registered that yes, it is indeed almost winter. At home, they’ve received more snow and cold weather than I can recall seeing in November.

I would be hard to pity me, though.. That warm spell disappeared and it is cold again. It will be a low at freezing point tonight. And I forgot (or did not pack?) my winter cycling gloves in Canada. Either that, or they are lost. 😦 I hope it is the former.

Raw Apple Cinnamon Macaroons

The warm weather partially explains my penchant for raw eats despite the season. The other, is that raw is easy to make and this was a recipe I knew would be fabulous. When Rob and I visited Ellen and Andy on our road trip to Houston, we shared a veritable feast for breakfast and these were my favourite treat. I have made raw (chocolate) macaroons before, but these were simply delightful. Apple, cinnamon and caramel-like dates are pulsed together with almonds and coconut for an autumn/winter-inspired treat. A touch of maple syrup and a sprinkle of salt made the flavours veritably pop.

These are so simple to make, but absolutely delicious.

Are you building your holiday treat roster yet? What are you excited to make?

Raw Apple Cinnamon Macaroons

This is my submission to this month’s Bookmarked Recipes.

Raw Apple Cinnamon Macaroons
Adapted from Fragrant Vanilla Cake

2/3 cup ground almonds
3/4 cup dried apples
4 large Medjool dates, pitted (or 1/4 cup pitted smaller dates)
pinch salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 cup finely shredded unsweetened coconut (I pulverized larger chunk coconut flakes into smaller pieces with my food processor)
1 tbsp maple syrup (or agave if you are strictly raw)

1. In a food processor fitted with its S-blade, process almonds into a fine flour if you have not done so yet. Add the dried apples, dated, salt and cinnamon and process until well combined.

2. Remove from food processor and and place in a bowl. Add coconut and maple syrup and with your hands, incorporate the coconut into the dough. Roll dough into 1″ balls.

3. You could simply refrigerate the dough but if you have a dehydrator, I recommend dehydrating them a bit. Thus, place on a mesh-lined dehydrator sheet. Dehydrate for 8-12 hours at 115F until they are dry but still retain a bit of moistness in the centre. Refrigerate in an airtight container.

Makes 12 balls

  1. Looking forward to trying this recipe Janet. Might just add a few more dates and skip the maple syrup.

  2. I need to move to Houston too. It’s freezing and raining in ATL. Gross.

    I have some dried strawberry-cranberries that would be good here… and plums. That works like dates, right? Fiber balls 😉

  3. Isn’t it hard to keep track of time when you live somewhere warm? That was the hardest part about moving to California for me. It still doesn’t feel normal even after nine years. These macaroons sound delicious–maybe I should get a food processor one of these days!

  4. These balls were a hit at a raw food potluck. I do love them.

    Since you sampled these months ago—just wondering: how did you remember about them? How do you organize your recipes that you want to try and those that you know you love? I find myself neglecting old favorites and never getting to ones I want to try…

    • Hey Ellen, I knew I wanted to make these after you made them (they were so good!) but had to wait until I found dried apples. And then, once I found dried apples, I had to refrain from eating them just by themselves. And then, finally, I said enough is enough: MAKE THOSE MACAROONS! Sometimes I try to make things in the dehydrator when Rob is gone but these were too good not to, once I had the idea in my head….
      But for bookmarking, I use a combination of ChefTap, pinterest and emails. It probably doesn’t make much sense to duplicate everything but I do it anyways… If I see the recipe make the rounds, I know it will be a keeper and try to make it sooner rather than later. I also try to stick to bloggers/cookbooks that I know I have liked in the past. I have been pretty lucky – not so many kitchen duds lately.

      Although there is a funny phenomenon. Once I put it on the blog, I am less likely to make it again, unless it is for a gathering and I want to make favourite recipes. Rob, however, is more likely to repeat recipes.

  5. I feel like i need to keep these on hand for marathon cooking/baking sessions during the holiday where (ironically) there is no time to actually eat! The perfect fuel

  6. These look gorgeous – perfect for whatever season, whatever weather 🙂

  7. I’m getting increasingly fed up with the cold weather here so count yourself lucky! These raw treats look good. Do they taste apple-y? I’ve never incorporated dried apple into a recipe before.

  8. Mmmm these look great!
    Haha – I know what you mean about the internal clock thing. We moved from near Toronto Ontario to Northern California last year and I love seeing everyone all bundled up already when it’s still in the 20’s haha ;p
    Apparently it’s going to be chillier here next week too. Boo.

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  10. Oh now whose do sound good. Nice flavours! Have you heard of Scottish Macaroons? You’ll never guess what is in them. Nothing like your ingredients, not nearly as healthy either!

  11. […] have made raw macaroons before (raw chocolate macaroons previously, and non-traditional but lovely raw apple cinnamon macaroons), but they both used the dehydrator, which does not make them quick to make and makes them a tad […]

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