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Sexy Raw Maca Chocolates

In Desserts on February 24, 2013 at 9:54 AM

Sexy Maca Chocolates

I am sore today.

Yesterday was such a wonderful day, it is hard to narrow down the ultimate culprit.

On any day of soreness, I would blame the gym. Yesterday was no exception. I started off the day with my regular weightlifting class but it was followed by an incredibly demanding work-out courtesy of Jillian Michaels: the infamous Body Shred work-out. It sounds tame. Only 30 minutes. Only 4 rounds after the warm-up. Only 3 minutes of strength, then 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs. Do not be fooled!! This is HARD! It is crazy and chaotic. But fun and energizing. Especially since the moves have such funny names (but still oh so hard – flying crab anyone?). Already in select cities in the US, this was the first preview class in Canada but will eventually find its way into a Goodlife near you (it will start March 1 in Toronto and nationwide by the end of 2014). I don’t think this video gives the work-out the fear it deserves. 😉

Two work-outs down, it was time to become lazy and gluttonous.

Starting off with lunch at our new favourite fast food joint, Banh Mi Boys, which has a lot of vegan options. My favourite is the veggie kimchi sweet potato fries and the green-papaya salad with lemongrass tofu (both off-menu). Even better was meeting up with the sweet travelling Aussie Hannah.

Next up, a bit early for our show, we had a tea and connect 4 stop at Academy of Lions. It doubles as a crossfit gym but also hosts a cute cafe with tons of paleo sweets. If only they didn’t have honey, they would have been vegan-friendly. In any case, they had my favourite Tealish tea to warm me up: Winter Blend.

Our main reason for our jaunt on Lower Ossington was to see Avenue Q. A small intimate theater made this an up-close and personal experience, filled with all the wittiness I remember from when I first watched the show in NYC.

Next up, a new-to-us resto: Bi Bim Bap. A Korean sizzling brown rice specialty, we were drawn to it because they offer brown rice (for no extra charge), along with vegan options such as tofu or a blend of 9 different mushrooms. You can also personalized your stone bowl creations with your choice of hot sauce, or not-so-hot sauce (in my case, I had the not hot soy garlic sauce, but Rob had the “mild hot” sour GoChuJang which I thought was plenty spicy, thankyouverymuch). Since the hot sauces are served on the side, you can add to taste and even ask for another sauce if it turns out to be too spicy. On the side was some kimchi and pickled ?pear/apple?.  Their homemade and simple kimchi is made with anchovies (no go for me) but Rob said it was plenty spicy so I wouldn’t have liked it anyways. (The kimchi at Banh Mi Boys is very tame which I prefer). All the bibimbaps are served with barley tea (which actually tastes good), miso soup and a ginger-cinnamon drink. Turns out it wasn’t only us trying numerous kinds of kimchi. Toronto has kimchi fever this weekend. I wonder who won the kimchi battle?

Sexy Maca Chocolates

Followed by a nightcap with these sexy maca chocolates. I first added cacao butter to my list of ingredients to hunt down after seeing Sarah’s raw chocolate recipe. When I finally decided to make said chocolates, I decided pureeing the dates seemed a tad finicky. I gravitated to a super simple recipe I found in Superfood Kitchen, only slightly more involved than the recent posts from Angela and Gena. I actually made these before their posts but kept these chocolates hidden away as a surprise for Rob. I initially planned to share them on Valentine’s Day but Rob surprised me with homemade chocolate hazelnut truffles instead!

A week later, I broke out these sexy maca chocolates. Why sexy? Maca is believed to (slightly) improve libido. It also has been shown to slightly improve athletic performance which is how I first became introduced to its malty taste. I will be whipping out those maca chip raw energy balls again this summer, as I train for the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. Here, this recipe is simply melted cocoa butter spiced with cocoa powder and maca powder, sweetened with agave. Easy peasy for simple, sexy chocolate truffles. 🙂

While I may be sore today, it was still a fabulous day-long 3-year anniversary date with Rob. 😉

Sexy Maca Chocolates

Cocoa butter in white chocolates elsewhere: White chocolate chips, white chocolate, vanilla white chocolate.

This is my submission this week’s Weekend Wellness, Healthy Vegan Fridays and Raw Food Thursdays.

Sexy Raw Maca Chocolates 
Adapted from Superfood Kitchen

1.8 oz raw cacao butter, chopped fine
3 tbsp raw cocoa powder
2 tbsp maca powder
1.5 tbsp agave or your choice of sweetener

1. In a double boiler, melt cacao butter slowly, stirring all the while. Once the water was boiling, I actually turned off the heat. Do not let any water connect with the chocolate as it will seize.

2. Once the cacao butter has melted, whisk in the cocoa powder and maca powders until smooth. Whisk in the agave, to taste.

3. Working quickly, pour chocolate into molds or another container (I used heart shaped ice cube trays). Place into freezer to allow to set. Once set, the chocolate can be removed form the freezer. It will stay solid in coolish room temperatures.

Makes 12 truffles.

  1. It was a great day! Love you, Janet 🙂

  2. I ate that maca powder religiously due to a certain benefit… but I didn’t notice a difference. I did really like the taste though! It grows on you and becomes crave-worthy! Love that you used it in heart truffles. 🙂

  3. Such pretty li’l things!

  4. Happy Anniversary, you two! And yes, that does sound difficult! But I’m thrilled that you’ve introduced me to 2 new potential restaurants to try. 😀 Love the look of the chocolates, too.

  5. They are, indeed, sexy chocs…the problem is that after sorting out my middle room cupboard (acting as a sort of third pantry and entirely stocked with totally forgotten ingredients) a few weeks ago, I stumbled on a container of macca that I had purchased perhaps last century? 😉 I decided to frugally use it and have only just finished the container as tsp additions to my morning green smoothie and suddenly I find this scrumptious use of macca! I am feeling one of those Murphy’s moments! 😉

  6. Awe sounds like you guys had a ton of fun which you totally deserve! These treats sound like the perfect way to end the night.

  7. Aw, thank you for the lovely words! I was (and still am!) so honoured that you let me sneak into part of your magical anniversary day. Thank you, and hurrah again for the joy of new friends! (Though I’m going to have to sneak my own jar of red chilli flakes into Banh Mi Boys next time 😉 )

  8. Yummm. These look just perfect. I’ve really got to get some cacao butter and have some chocolatey fun!
    I’m so glad you had a lovely day 🙂

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  10. Ooooh very sexy indeed! I love how perfect they look and I bet the maca gives them a lovely malty-sweet flavour!

    Wow you guys really do have so much to celebrate in such a short period of time! Definitely helps with the lack of holidays following New Years.

    Happy anniversary to the both of you! You both deserve so much happiness 🙂

  11. they look adorable, well done:) glad you had a good anniversary

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