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Raw Beet Chips

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Raw Beet Chips

Even though we won’t be moving until late June, now that Rob and I have found a place to live in Houston (YAYAYAYA!), the move seems a bit more real.

All of a sudden, I want to scope out my new neighbourhood. I want to know my route to work, cycle the nearby bicycle paths and explore the grocery stores. I want to know my new routine.

Thankfully, our new place will be close to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. I am most excited about Trader Joe’s since I doubt Whole Foods is any cheaper in the US than it is here in Canada. Although I will still keep an eye out for ethnic grocers. They are my favourite for fresh and inexpensive produce and staples (these are my favourite stores in Toronto). If you are familiar with Houston, please let me know of your favourite shops. I am also considering trying out Rawfully Organic for fruits/veggies. Does anyone have experience with them? *As well, if anyone could share what they routinely buy online instead of at TJ’s, please let me know what and where*

Right now, the plan is to try to live a “minimalist” lifestyle while in Houston. Bring only the bare necessities.  I think it will be fun to move the majority of our stuff into storage and live on less. Of course, we don’t plan on depriving ourselves. We  are not materialistic but somehow seemed to have accumulated a lot of stuff. I suppose we don’t like to waste anything, purge little and haven’t started the “this is for real” part of laying down a home.

We plan on bringing our own current necessities, though. Like 4 bicycles. And my Vitamix, food processor, rice cooker and coffee machine (the last one is for Rob). A handful of cookbooks. I decided that the dehydrator may take a year-long sabbatical. The dehydrator is pretty bulky and I don’t use it that often. And I could live without it for a year. Which, of course, means I am using it like crazy before we leave.

Quandary: If I buy veggies boxes from Rawfully Organic, I may want to bring the juicer. And then I would want my dehydrator to make juice pulp crackers. Gah!

Raw Beet Chips

I have mentioned these beet chips discretely before. I have made them a few time, but lost my original set of photos. It was a perfect impetus to make them again… and again. They are possibly my favourite snack from the dehydrator and they are so easy to make. Peel beets, slice, marinate and dehydrate. Sweet and crispy chips emerge. Pretty, too. And yes, these were regular beets. No fancy candy-cane striped Chioggia beets, here.

Actually, I take that back. One time I made this with small beets, and it took forever to peel them. Now I only make these with large beets. The chips are bigger, too. You wouldn’t believe how much they shrink. Depending on how thick you slice your beets, two pounds of beets may only yield 2 cups of chips. Which I could likely eat in an afternoon, if I am not careful. 🙂

Don’t have a dehydrator? Try baking the beets into chips instead, as seen here and here.

Raw Beet Chips

This is my submission to this week’s Raw Food Thursdays.

Raw Beet Chips
Adapted from Rawmazing

1-2 lb beets, peeled and thinly sliced (use a mandoline on the thinnest setting)
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup water
salt and pepper, to taste

1. In a large bowl, mix together cider vinegar, oil and water.

2. Add the sliced beets and mix in the dressing. Allow to marinade at least 10 minutes, tossing occasionally.

3. In a single layer, place onto mesh dehydrator screens and dehydrate at 145F for 45 minutes. Reduce to 115F and continue dehydrating for about 24 hours or until chips are crunchy.

  1. Hi Janet, I may have missed this in a previous posting, but why again are you moving to Houston?

  2. The ironic thing about Whole Foods is that it’s actually the LEAST expensive grocery store in NYC!

    I can’t imagine having to decide which of my possessions to give up for a year…but at least you’re getting good use of the dehydrator while you still can!

    • I know, crazy NYC. I don’t know if the same holds true in Houston but if it does, then I will be all over WF. 🙂 Although I know TJ’s has a lot of bargains for healthy foods, too.

  3. Happy to hear you are so excited about the move!! Hope it will turn out great 😀 Love your beet chips. Great idea!

  4. I’m in Houston and LOVE Rawfully Organic for my fruits and veggies! Most of the large grocery stores have a good organic fresh produce section with prices that beat WF. The asian markets are the ones to hit for Young Thai Cocunuts and a wonderful variety of items, but so far I’ve yet to see one that carries organic produce. Feel free to email me and I’ll be glad to give you more info about my wonderful city!

  5. Mmmm these sound tasty. I’m always looking for creative ways of using beets. I don’t dislike them, but they aren’t my fav.
    Houston should be fun! Trader Joe’s are pretty good, I buy a lot of my produce there, but I find Whole Foods has more of my bulk stuff (cacao powder, nut butter etc). Hopefully you can find some health food stores too.

  6. Sounds like a new adventure. Exciting! As for giving things up, I live in a studio of 500 s.ft. It certainly teaches what you really need to live but I draw the line on my kitchen things. I have all my gadgets ie vitamix, dehydrator, juicer etc, but few dishes and glasses. Sounds like you are in for some fun!
    On these beets, can you omit the oil and still have it turn out. Sounds interesting!

    • Hi Jodi, Oh, thank you so much for the tips. I will definitely have to try it without oil next time. I was thinking balsamic could be a fun alternative to apple cider vinegar but haven’t tried that yet.

      I also like your idea of keeping a well stocked kitchen wrt gadgets but not other things. Because we don’t plan on entertaining, it doesn’t make sense to bring lots of dishes and glasses. In fact, we rarely use our big dinner plates, so I think those can stay back, too. It will be a fun puzzle to figure out what to bring when we start packing.. but until then, I will continue to use it all. 🙂

    • I need to take a few lessons from you, Jodi! I went from an 800-s.ft. apartment to a house, and now “stuff” is starting to accumulate. (I’m not even sure how.) I actually miss having less stuff, if that makes sense. Yet I still have my eye on a shiny new zucchini spiralizer. Go figure!

  7. Yay for not being homeless! Yay yay yay!

    Also, living without extraneous stuff (I originally wrote a different words starting with “s” there, but decided to not be a potty mouth) is the BEST.

  8. How exciting about the move! And these look like the perfect snack to fuel preparations 🙂

  9. So excited for you and your new home!! When I lived overseas for a year with minimal possessions it was so rewarding and you feel so light. I think you’ll love it!

    Love these beet chips. I just got delivered a bunch of beets so I may just have to try them!

    • I have a feeling I may do a lot of mail-order food shopping.. and it is perfect because Rob will be working from home to receive the packages, hehe… It sounds against my minimalistic views but I think it will work. At least we have a pantry… I plan to buy new Mason jars once we get there… and fill them with beans, oatmeal and quinoa… and brown rice for Rob. 🙂

  10. Found you on Raw Foods Thursdays, and while I’m not normally big on beets, these look so appealing I may just have to give them a whirl! (And that’s saying a lot!) Good luck on your move–and deciding what kitchen tools to bring. That’s a toughie!

  11. Oh wow, we seem to be living parallel lives!! We too are packing for a year of minimalist living and leaving at the end of June! But I must say that the dehydrator is coming even if I have to store it under the bed! 🙂 These beet chips look gorgeous! I’ve made sweet potato chips but never beet. As soon as we’re settled these will be the first NYC dehydrator experiment! Thanks so much for sharing these at Raw Foods Thursdays. Good luck with your move!!


    • I’m highlighting these delicious babies at this week’s Raw Foods Thursdays! Thanks again for sharing them!!

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  15. again, i’ll say i would love to have a dehydrator. another great recipe you’ve got here….

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  18. Glad to find this recipe. With borscht in the fridge and more beets left over, I’ve got my slices of beets marinating and soon to be put on the dehydrator. Thank you for this recipe. My daughter and I (if no one else) are excited to try these.

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