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My Favourite Blogs (& the Recipes I Have Tried)

In Events/Round-Ups, Favourites on June 29, 2013 at 7:02 AM

To the lay-person, food blogging may seem odd. To me, it has been a way to chronicle my forays into the kitchen, creating my own living cookbook. Likewise, as others document their own successes in the kitchen, we create so many recipes to share. Some of my favourite recipes have been inspired from other bloggers, and just like when I documented my favourite cookbooks and the recipes I recommended, I thought it would be pertinent to highlight (some of) my favourite bloggers. I follow a lot of bloggers, but do not necessarily cook from their recipes. These, I have. I can vouch for their deliciousness. As a note, sometimes I try the original recipe but most of the times, I adapt it suit my own tastes and the ingredients in my kitchen. I encourage you to do the same.

Leaving nearly all my cookbooks in storage will have me leaning more heavily on others for my kitchen inspiration. I love recommending tried-and-tested recipes, so beyond myself, someone else has liked them too. So here we go:

1. Fat Free Vegan: Indian-Spiced Chickpeas and KaleI have yet to gush about Susan, but her recipes have rarely disappointed me and I have made a lot. They are flavourful, delicious, and healthy – what more could you want? I highly recommend her Indian-Spiced Chickpeas and Kale, Cauliflower Dal with Panch Phoran, Curried Beans and Quinoa with Baby Bok Choy, Iraqi Eggplant and Seitan Stew, Creamy Cashew Kale and Chickpeas, and Spaghetti Squash with Brussels Sprouts and Chickpeas.

Still bookmarked: Lentil and Cauliflower Rice Tacos, Mu Shu Jackfruit Lettuce Wraps, Jackfruit Crab CakesSmoky Apple Baked Beans, and Hummus-Crusted Cauliflower Steaks.Raw Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cashew Frosting

2. Choosing Raw: I have already gushed about Gena and her amazing recipes, but I’ll say it again. Her recipes are simple, tasty and healthy. I highly recommend her Curried Chickpea Salad with Carrots, Mustard-Miso Dressing, Raw Zucchini Alfredo, Raw Carrot Cupcakes, and Greek Lemon and Quinoa Avgolemono Soup and there are many others I have tried.

Still bookmarked: Cinnamon Adzuki Spread, Smashed Avocado Lemon Kelp Noodle Bowl and Mung Bean Pancakes with a Mustard Sauce.

3. Eats Well With Others: Another one of my favourite bloggers is Joanne. Her blog is fun to read AND eat from, wavering between decadent desserts and delicious vegetarianZucchini Spaghetti with Chickpeas and a Roasted Tomato-Peach Sauce soups and salads. We share very similar tastes in the kitchen and I have been inspired by many of her recipes (likewise, she has also made a few of mine). I recommend her Creamy Lemon-Basil Whipped Avocado Sauce,  Lentil Mango Picadillo, Chickpeas Romesco, Brazilian Black Bean Soup, Spaghetti with Roasted Peach-Tomato Sauce, and Greek Baked Beans.

Still bookmarked: Carrot-Tahini Soup, Moroccan Carrot and Chickpea Salad with Prunes in a Cumin Vinaigrette, Moroccan Red Gazpacho, Red Lentil Dal with Charred Onions, African Curried Coconut Soup with Chickpeas, Bulgur and Spinach Pilaf with Chili-Roasted Tomatoes

4. Oh She Glows: It took me some No-Bake Peanut Butter Mousse with a Chocolate Magic Shelltime to warm up to Angela’s recipes but now I am enjoying them. She was the one to introduce overnight oat parfaits to me. My favourites so far have been her Creamy Mushroom Tomato PastaMillet Bowl with a Mushroom Gravy and Kale, Warm Lentil, Bulgur and Vegetable Skillet with a Lemon-Tahini Sauce, Garlic-Roasted Chickpeas in a Lemon-Dill Dressing, Blueberry Vanilla Chia Jam, and Peanut Butter Mousse with a Chocolate Magic Shell.

Still bookmarked: Apple Banana Coconut Curry, Roasted Buddha Bowl, Maple Baked Lentils with Sweet Potatoes.

5. Julia’s Vegan Kitchen: Julia and I keep exchanging favourite recipes between the two of us. When she says something is Indian Roasted Eggplant and Tomatoes with Chickpeas (Baingan Bharta with Chickpeas)good, I leap at the chance to try it out. Our favourite recipes of all time have come from Julia’s recommendations. Some of the keepers I have tried from her include: Split Pea Dal with Ginger and Lime, Besan Chilla, Indian Lentils with Spinach, Indian Roasted Eggplant and Tomatoes with ChickpeasIraqi Pomegranate Stew.

Still bookmarked: Hoppin John Risotto, Mango Chili, Bouillabaise, Lemony Lebanese Lentil-Greens Soup.

6. My New Roots: One of my first blog crushes was on Sarah. You know, before she became the big-time blogger. All her recipes have been delicious. I seem to discover new ingredients while reading her blog but have no fear, some of her recipes are simple. I highly recommend Raw Tacosher Raw Chocolate Milkshake, Mojito Smoothie, Warm Balsamic Rosemary Cabbage Salad, Crunchy Cabbage Salad with Orange-Tahini Dressing, Raw TacosChickpea Salad with Mexican Mango DressingGrilled Balsamic Portobello Mushrooms, The Best Lentil Salad EverRaw Brownie, Mexican Chocolate Spiced Black Bean Brownies, Raw Raspberry Cashew Dreamcake.

Still bookmarked: Lemony Leeks with Chickpeas, Raw Pad Thai, Moroccan Carrot Ribbons and Black Lentils, Enoki Mushrooms, Broccoli and Kimchi

7. Lisa’s Vegetarian Kitchen: One reason I decided not to tote 660 Curries and 1000 Indian Recipes with me to Houston was that I knew I could find delicious Indian recipes on Lisa’s blog. I haven’t made as Chickpea Salad with Mango, Pomegranate and Chaat Masalamany of her recipes other than a delicious Warm Chickpea Salad with Mango, Pomegranate and Chaat Masala. However, when I start bookmarking her recipes, I just cannot stop.

Still bookmarked: Indian-Style Lentils, Mustard Mung Beans, Spicy Mung Beans, Chickpeas with Mushrooms, Filipino Mung Bean StewPeanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites

8. Radiant Health, Inner Wealth: Are you tired of my Tess crush yet? What have I not adored? Tess has a blog where she shares many of the recipes from her cookbooks. A complete list of the Zippy Garlic-Basil Marinara with Zucchini Noodlesrecipes I have tried can be found here, but some highlights include: Creamy Low-Fat Hummus, Green Velvet Guacamole (aka Edamame Guacamole)Baked Lemon Cilantro Pakoras15-Minute Zippy Garlic-Basil Marinara with Zucchini NoodlesDillicious Yellow TofuBlack Bean, Cilantro and Apricot SaladAlmost Raw Asian Kale and Edamame SaladLime-Spiked Black Bean and Quinoa Kale WrapMiso Healthy DressingRoasted Garlic Tofu Salad with Cilantro Rice, Black Beans and  a Mango Salsa and Maca Chip Raw Energy Balls.

Still bookmarked: Ful Mudhamas, Savory Lentils with Caramelized Onions, Zesty Lemon Chickpeas, 5 Minute Chicky Chickpeas all from Get Waisted.Ancho Lentil Taco Salad Wraps

9. Post Punk Kitchen: Isa is a goddess in the kitchen and she graciously shares her recipes on her blog. My recommendations: Ancho Lentil Salad Wraps, Roasted Beet Salad with Warm Maple Mustard Dressing and Tempeh CroutonsWhite Bean, Quinoa and Kale Stew with Fennel, Asparagus, Nectarine and Baby Lima Bean Lettuce Wrap.

Still bookmarked: Smoky Tomato Lentil Soup with Spinach and Olives, Jerk Sloppy Joes with Coconut Creamed Spinach, Broccoli Curry Udon, Miso Soba Stir Fry with Greens and Beans, Quinoa Puttanesca, Puttanesca Tofu ScrambleThai Coconut Corn Stew

10. Plant Powered Kitchen: Dreena is another cookbook author that very generously shares her recipes on her blog. I have made a few recipes from her cookbook, Let Them Eat Vegan, as well as these she has shared online: Moroccan Vegetable Phyllo Rolls with Balsamic Maple Dressing, Jerk ChickpeasThai Chickpea Almond Curry, Tomato Lentil Cumin and Dill Soup and Thai Coconut Corn Stew.

Still bookmarked: Marinated and Roasted Tomato Garlic HummusFrench Lentil Soup with Smoked PaprikaCreamy Barley Risotto with Thyme and Star Anise, Mexican Bean Soup, Chickpea and Artichoke Bliss in a Dish, Mellow Lentil Sniffle Soup, Lemon Chickpea Lentil Soup, Roasted Tomato Bean StewDreena’s Frosted B-Raw-niesRaw Strawberry Cream Tart

11. Vegan Lisa: When I look for desserts, Lisa’s blog is a great place to start. Her recipes are killer and I have enjoyed everything I have made thus far, including: Raw Strawberry Cream TartRaw Mango Energy Bars, Kale Granola, Almost Raw Chocolate Banana Crepes with Almond-Coconut Cream and Cinnamon-Flax Crackers.

Still bookmarked: Sweet Like Hannah Truffles, Caramelized Onion Hummus, Smoky Spicy Tomato Soup, Broccoli, Chickpea and Quinoa Salad, Tangy Thai Toss, Crustless Kale Quiche

12. Chocolate Covered Katie: Another blogger with mostly healthy Almost Guiltless No-Bake Chocolate Mousse Piedesserts is Katie, which brought to me my Almost Guiltless Chocolate Mousse Pie, which was then turned into a Chocolate Mint Ice Cream. I also recommend her Lemon Cheesecake Squares, Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles, and Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies.

Still bookmarked: Raw Chocolate Raspberry Mini Fudge Cake, Coconut Crack BarsMushroom Stroganoff

13. Rawmazing: Another fabulous raw blog is Rawmazing, which introduced these fabulous recipes to me: Raw Thai Pineapple Parsnip Rice, Blackberry, Walnut and Avocado Salad with A Ginger-Lime Vinaigrette, Raw Sweet Potato and Mushroom Sliders,Blackberry, Avocado and Walnut Salad with a Ginger Lime Vinaigrette and Raw Beet Chips.

Still bookmarked: Raw Chili, Raw Avocado Kale Pesto with Zucchini Noodles

14. Chef Amber Shea: I was immersed into raw desserts while testing Amber’s recipes for her cookbook Practically Raw Desserts. I highly recommend her Enlightened Carrot CakeCake Batter Protein Balls as well as her “World’s Healthiest Bolognese Sauce“.

Still bookmarked: Cauliflower Enlightened Raw Carrot Cupcakes with Apple-Cashew FrostingChickpea Tagine, Ethiopian Lentils, Moroccan Harira Stew, Tofu Makhani Curry, Cinnamon Swirl Caramel Cheesecake Bars

15. 101 Cookbooks: I wasn’t going to include my recommendation for Heidi’s blog because I am probably not telling you anything you do not already know. But I love her recipes, too, so this is where you should start eating: Warm Carrot and White Bean Salad with Dill, Sushi Bowl with Asparagus and Avocado, Green Soup with Ginger, Cranberry Bean Mole with Roasted Butternut Squash, and Nikki’s Healthy Cookies.

Still bookmarked: Moroccan Carrot & Chickpea Salad, New Years Soup, Black Sesame Otsu

Honourable mentions to some of my other favourite Warm Carrot and Flageolet Salad with Dillblogs, even if I cannot vouch for their delicious recipes (yet):

The Veggie Nook: I know Gabby’s Sugar-Free Carob Almond Butter Cups are delicious and have bookmarked other treats to try like Pineapple Shortbread Bars, Pre-Workout Superfood Energy Bites, Tahini Dill Pasta SaladCoconut Curry Dressing

Peachy Palate: I don’t know how Michelle has so much energy to make gorgeous single-serving meals every day but they all look delicious, including: Lentil Lemon Spaghetti with a Roasted Garlic Dressing, Triple Coconut Pancakes,  Tempeh Mushroom Fricassee, Sweet Chili Pomegranate Molasses Tofu Soba Noodles, Warm Beet Broccoli and Spaghetti Squash Noodle Bowl with a Peanut-Miso Sauceand Lentil Pomegranate Molasses Salad, Pomegranate Molasses Baked Tempeh, Squash and Eggplant

The First Mess: Her Broccoli and Spaghetti Squash Bowl with a Peanut-Miso Sauce was delicious and I have had my eye on her Busy Lady Veggie Bowl for a while.

Keepin It Kind: Kristy devoted a whole month to chickpea recipes last year – what’s not to love about that? She has flavourful and elaborate meals that I wish I had enough coordination to put together myself. I’d love to try her Jackfruit Curry, Lentil, Farro and Kale Salad, Sloppy Chickpea Joes, and Malai KoftasRoasted Cauliflower Quinoa with Cheesy Pumpkin Tempeh Sauce

Fresh Energy Recipe Lab: A new-to-me blog but I have been saving her recipes like crazy: Raw Jicama Sushi Rice with Spicy Raw Tuna, Collard Wraps with Raw Mushroom Pate, Raw Cauliflower Dolmas, Raw Cauliflower Couscous with Capers, Beet & Ginger Dressing, Wakame Salad

Healthful Pursuit: Her malai koftas were very good and she has tons of other enticing recipes (Masala Basmati Casserole, Veggie Sprout Bowl with Creamy Curry Sauce, Spinach Lentil Curry)

Sprint 2 the Table: Laura is probably the other non-veg*n blogger that I adore. I love reading about her protein-fueled eats. I still have my eyes on her Chocolate Avocado Cookies and Chocolate Zucchini Muffins, though. 🙂

Which blogs do you really enjoy? Which recipes do you recommend? Any recommended recipes I have missed from these bloggers?

This is my submission to this week’s Healthy Vegan Friday.

  1. Wow, thank you for sharing this long list with us!!
    Now it is going to be even harder to choose what to cook next….

  2. Wow. Great list, Janet. Thank you. I just found like 15 things I totally want to try… or at least check out for inspiration and ideas. Awesome to see all the international and “unconventional” stuff, too.

  3. Aww I’m blushing! I ❤ you big time, chica!! And now I can't wait to check out some of these that I'm unfamiliar with!

  4. Awesome list – so many links for me to bookmark! Thanks so much for the inclusion. 🙂

  5. Terrific list, Janet. You covered all the biggies…and I discovered some I don’t know. One you may not know about is from Amy, a vegan who now is all raw: Fragrant Vanilla Cake. She specializes in desserts, with the occasional savory dish. We’ve made some of her ice creams, balls, cakes, and so on. Loved all of them.


    Because I love Asian food, I am intrigued by a Korean vegan blog (Vegan8Korean) and an Indian blog (Holy Cow Vegan):



    Although I am not gluten free, I do look (when I remember) by raw vegan twins:


    • Thanks Ellen! I really like Amy’s blog but have yet to try anything. Rob got me a 6″ springform pan for my birthday before we left, so I hope to venture into making smaller raw desserts. 🙂 I haven’t heard about vegan8korean – will definitely check it out. 🙂

  6. I am totally flattered to be among this list! So many great blogs… and a few new ones! I’m going to have to update my Reader… errrr… Feedly. Like I needed more blogs to read. 😉

    Oh! And 101 Cookbook’s Moroccan dish is a must-try. I made a slightly tweaked version for a party ad people raved about it.

  7. Aw! I love that so many of the bloggers you’ve mentioned here are not only some of my best friends, but people I’ve been staying with these past few months. I can attest that they absolutely know their stuff, and are wonderful people to boot. Also “Sweet Like Hannah Truffles”! That’s me! That’s me! 😀

  8. What a great list! Now to add all these glorious new feeds to my reader… 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing, I’m always looking for new blogs to read and you have shared quite a number here that I have never heard of. I had better start reading to get through them all.

  10. Thanks for this great round up – I know and love many of these blogs but not all, so will be checking out the ones that aren’t familiar soon 🙂

  11. What a great resource Janet! Thanks so much for all your work putting this together. It’s going to take me some time to work through…
    Your blog tastes are really similar to mine- most of these are my favourites too (including yours of course!). A few new to me which look great as well.
    Others I like (I’m almost certain you already visit them though) are:

    • Thanks Emma! I follow those blogs too. Gorgeous and very inspirational. I have made a few from them too but some have been misses so I chose not to include them. Actually, the recipes I have tried from EP have been very good. 🙂

  12. Coconut and berries, thanks for the reminder about Edible Perspective. She dos lots of breakfast things, which is kind of unique—love her breakfast breaks.

  13. I really recommend *your* blog!!! Seriously, I’m always talking about you to my Rob. If you want to talk about crushes, I have the biggest one on you….I always want to comment on your posts, but I don’t have regular internet access, though I did post awhile back: https://tastespace.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/spaghetti-squash-with-roasted-brussels-sprouts-and-chickpeas-the-best-cat-videos/#comment-10986 I’m really sorry I don’t comment more, but I am always reading! (Is that creepy? Haha.)

    While I browse many different blogs, yours is the only one I check every day, haha. I do love a number of the ones you posted above. You may also enjoy the following:


    I hope your travels are going swimmingly and that you soon arrive save in Houston!

    • Anna, your comment made my heart go aflutter. Don’t be shy to comment or email me – although I realize how busy we probably both are.. But positive connections are always good. 🙂 I will definitely check those blogs- some are new-to-me.

  14. Aww Janet. I am flattered to be included on this list of fantastic bloggers. Thank you. I think you know how much I enjoy your blog, recipes and photos.

  15. United by a love of legumes! Thanks so much, Janet, for including me in your list. I love your recipes and can’t wait until a time when I have more time to try them again!

    • Hi Julia, your welcome. I totally understand. And now that I am in the southern US, my palette has changed. I don’t even want to create crazy things in my kitchen. Hopefully this is a fad that will pass 🙂

  16. I follow about half of the bloggers you listed, and now the other half are in my feed reader. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I agree with you on many of these; others I will have to explore a bit! Maybe one day my blog will be included; I’m a new blogger and really enjoying sharing vegan recipes!!

  18. What a great post! I’ve been blog hopping all morning and learning about all sorts of blogs. Thank you for such a great list!

  19. Thanks for the honourable mention my dear!!

    What a great list of blogs, so many are my favourites as well! So many recipes to bookmark now 🙂

  20. Janet! I’m quite thrilled to be on your list and to see you tried some of my recipes. Thank you! I hope all is well.

  21. What a great list of recipes. It’s always nice to have reviews of a recipe before trying it. I’ve already decided that I’m making the Curried Beans and Quinoa dish tonight!…and maybe the Raw Chocolate Shake for dessert. 😀 Thanks for compiling this!

    • No problem, Lauren. I am the same way… I love patrolling recipe archives and seeing recipe reviews to know whether to try making it. 🙂 Please let me know how your delicious dinner goes 🙂

  22. What an amazing and comprehensive resource this blog post is!! I’m thrilled to see some of my favorite bloggers listed and to explore new ones as well.
    I ****insist***** that you make the avocado sauce from ohsheglows:

    I put the sauce on anything/ everything!!

  23. Wow, what an impressive list. You’ve been so busy making all of these recipes! I love hearing about new blogs to try and I haven’t heard of some of these so I’m going to have a look into them. Here is my favourite vegan blogs list, we agree on some of them! http://www.greenthickies.com/8-best-vegan-blogs-vegan-recipes

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  25. […] My Favourite Blogs (& the Recipes I have Tried) from Janet @ the taste space […]

  26. Great list, Janet! I’m so flattered hat you mentioned Keepin’ It Kind! Such great news to wake up to! 🙂

  27. Well, it would’ve been nice if I remembered to put a “t” in front of “hat,” now wouldn’t it? 😉

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  29. […] admire Isa for a fabulously tantalizing blog, sharing her delicious creations. I guess it should be no […]

  30. […] After which, I reminded myself of Susan’s hummus-crusted cauliflower steak recipe I had bookmarked. Next time, for […]

  31. […] not eating oil-free (like me!), you will still enjoy the bright flavours. As I have said before, I really like Dreena’s recipes. In particular, we adore her Lemon Mediterranean Lentil Salad, Jerk Chickpeas, Thai Chickpea […]

  32. […] her blog (and her infamous banana soft serve recipe). My previous gushings can be seen here and here and I was thrilled when Gena asked me to be a tester for her cookbook. The best part of help her […]

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