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Enoki, Broccoli & Kimchi Tofu Rice Bowl (Vegan Bibimbap)

In Mains (Vegetarian) on August 17, 2013 at 6:49 AM

Enoki, Broccoli & Kimchi Tofu Rice Bowl

In addition to cycling through Houston, Rob and I are also discovering Houston, one grocer at a time. After chowing through our organic produce, we started exploring my hitlist of ethnic grocers, one weekend at a time.

First of all, though, our Rawfully Organic broccoli lasted 3 weeks. WOAH! Gotta love that!

Second, because I love Asian produce, the first ethnic grocer we picked was H-Mart, a Korean market. It is a chain that has branches as far as California and New York, so you may be familiar with it. It reminded a lot of T&T, actually. A large, clean store with fresh produce, mostly Asian with a heavy Korean slant, with reasonable prices. They had a whole giant section just for kimchi. Rob picked out a house-made vegan kimchi for us to try. Turns out it wasn’t as blow-off-your-face hot as kimchi can be… score for me!

We also picked up a few different bags of brown rice. I am very particular about my brown rice and we both absolutely loved these finds. While both are short grain brown rice, the Sukoyaka Genmai Brown Rice produces the most fluffy and sticky rice (that doesn’t even taste like brown rice, imho). I can’t seem to find the other one online (it is made by Organic Farm and is a 50/50 blend of organic short grain brown rice and brown sweet rice). It requires a 2 hour soak, but it is very nice as well. Not sticky in the slightest, and less aromatic, but good rice. I was quite impressed by their wide selection of brown rice at H-Mart, which is usually hard to find. Now the dilemma will be whether to gamble and try a new brand or stick with these two we like a lot.

Lest you think we have gone all raw here, have no fear. A perfect rice bowl, akin to Korean bibimbap, complete with fresh rice waiting for me when I come home from work (thank you, Rob). A quick stir fry with tofu, broccoli and enoki mushrooms in a sweet maple infused sauce that is matched well with a side of not-so-fiery kimchi. I think I’ve mentioned it before, but we’ve made the quickie kimchi from Vegan Eats World, although it is really spicy if you use the full amount of Korean chili flakes. I am quite partial to the ginger-only version, actually.

So, have you ever been smitten by brown rice? What is your favourite brand?

Enoki, Broccoli & Kimchi Tofu Rice Bowl

This is my submission to this month’s Bookmarked Recipes.

Enoki, Broccoli & Kimchi Tofu Rice Bowl
Adapted from My New Roots

1 tsp coconut oil
1 clove garlic, pressed or minced
100-200g firm tofu, pressed and chopped
2 cups chopped broccoli (~150g)
2 tsp maple syrup
2 tsp rice vinegar
2 tsp tamari
1 package enoki mushrooms, chopped (or your favourite mushroom) (100g)
2 tbsp chopped kimchi, or to taste
cooked rice, for serving

1. In a large non-stick skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Once hot, add oil, garlic and tofu. Cook tofu until browned, flipping to brown on each side, approximately 5 minutes per side. Add broccoli and saute for 3-5 minutes, until bright green and crisp.

2. Meanwhile, mix together the maple syrup, rice vinegar, and tamari. Deglaze the pan once the broccoli is cooked to your liking. Add the mushrooms. If using enoki, you will only need to cook 1-2 minutes. Larger mushrooms may take longer to cook. Remove from heat.

3. Serve overtop cooked rice with a side of kimchi. Stir kimchi in for best flavour.

Serves 1.

  1. Yum! It looks delicious.
    I adore mushrooms, and we eat brown rice. I usually buy an Australian organic brand. Brown rice is now grown in my local area, so we have access to that at local farmers’ markets.

  2. This bowl has all my favorite things in it. And bibimbap (with the full amount of gochujang) always melts my face off but it’s SO GOOD. I don’t usually cook with enokis but they’re so cute, I need to buy them more!

    • Enokis are definitely the cutest mushrooms, too! Btw, my favourite vegan bibimbap in Toronto is from The Stone Bowl on Eglinton. Sadly, their kimchi wasn’t vegan but you could pick any sauce… even the medium was plenty spicy for Rob. I always stayed with the sweet soy one, which is what this recipe reminded me of. 😉

  3. I get all our grains from the bulk bins, so I have no idea what brand they are! Short grain brown is the everyday preferred rice at our house, if nothing else. 🙂 This bowl sounds wonderful–I could definitely do with a bunch of spicy kimchi right about now.

  4. Looooove H-Mart! Went a couple times in SoCal in May. ‘Course, I buy snacks and black sesame ice cream and more snacks, but I DO also buy kimchi (the spicier the better 😉 )…

  5. you make me feel the need to seek out more brown rice – we have a long grain brown rice I buy regularly but I still love my white basmati – never had a brown basmati I also was recently told that some kimchi is not vegetarian – quite a shock as I mostly read about it on veg*n blogs. Is veg kimchi hard to find? And would love to come home to that meal – sounds delicious

  6. I am quite easily smitten by brown rice 🙂 Especially when it’s combined with tofu and vegetables…this bowl looks heavenly!

  7. This is a good reminder that I haven’t been to H-Mart in a while! i need a trip. I’ll keep my eye out for those brown rices!!

  8. I think I’m going to make this ASAP Janet! I have been so uninspired lately with food, but a recent jaunt to Kensington Market has re-instilled the desire to cook! I think the cheap produce prices helped 😉 What was your favourite place there?? Any tips? My budget is really tight right now so any tips would be wonderful!

    Glad to hear you are discovering good food places there! I looove sticky rice and it’s so hard to find a good brown one, awesome!

  9. Love H-Mart! Never thought to buy brown rice there, but then again, I’ve been neglecting it in favor of quinoa. Very impressed that Rob found vegan kim chi there—I always thought it had shrimp paste or anchovy in it. And now that we discovered making our own from Vegan Eats World, we can be assured it’s vegan. Does your H-mart have a ban chan bar there? Love the pickled plum.

    And does your H-mart have a food court? We veganize a bi bim bap there…

  10. I’ve never eaten either kimchi or enoki mushrooms before but your bowl certainly looks like something I’d enjoy. I don’t know why enoki mushrooms have always intimidated me a little…they look a little creepy!
    I adore brown rice too, especially the short grain kind, although I tend to use brown basmati more as it’s much more readily available.

  11. Speaking of ethnic grocers……bestwin closed……I am not sure if it is permanent or not though.

  12. Thanks for submitting it Janet, it looks great.

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  14. This looks delicious. I used to live in Houston, and there’s a lot of good Asian cuisine there! Enjoy exploring 🙂

  15. I love this! Lovely to see livey use of kimchi. Yours is a non fishy one? X

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