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Guava Flax Smoothie (& Houston’s cronut)

In Drinks on September 8, 2013 at 7:48 AM

Guava Flax SmoothieHave you heard of cronuts? Maybe the dosant? They are both spins on the same baked hybrid: a donut-like croissant. The original cronut wooed New York City. However, they take days to make and minutes to sell out. The lines are long and the prices are high. Since then, a few knock-off dosants have peppered North America.

In Houston, they can be found at Pena’s Donut Heaven in Pearland. When Rob discovered this, we had our next cycling destination picked. Turns out, while the cronut was not that fabulous, we’ve discovered our favourite cycling route in Houston, thus far. We’ve pedalled back 3 times already, enjoying the long, flat and straight road leading out of downtown Houston. Of course, Pena’s dosant is not vegan and I oftentimes get giggles from strangers as they see me snacking on an apple while Rob munches on his donut.

When we get home, though, I have been mixing up my own fabulous tropical smoothies. We’re working through different frozen fruit pulps. After our trip to Colombia, it was hard to find tropical frozen fruit (mamey, guanabanana, lulo, etc) in Toronto, but we snagged a bunch when we spotted it at Fiesta Mart. Mamey is still my favourite, but this simple guava smoothie was very good, too. Usually we just drink it and forget it, but this one I remade and photographed because I thought it was perfect to share. Frozen guava is combined with frozen banana, almond milk and ground flax seeds. The flax bulk up the smoothie making it more creamy. You may see the small flecks of brown but you can’t taste them.

Coming home to a cold drink is definitely the way to go in Houston.  Do you have a favourite treat for hot weather?

Guava Flax SmoothieThis is my submission to this week’s Raw Food Thursdays.

Guava Flax Smoothie
Adapted from my Mamey Hemp Shake

1 chopped and frozen banana
1/2 package frozen guava, coarsely bashed/chopped (7 oz)
2 tbsp ground flax seeds
1.5 cups nondairy milk (I am very partial to Trader Joe’s original almond milk)

1. In a high speed blender, blend until smooth. You may need the damper if your frozen fruit chunks are too large. Add additional milk if desired.

Serves 2.

  1. Mmmm, it sounds delicious!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well I for one have NOT been wooed by the cronut..I figure I could probably make it myself and for far less money. Besides one of my coworkers had one and said it was not so good. I’d much rather have one of your smoothies!

  3. Oh the cronut; it made quite a scene at the Exhibition in Toronto this year…

  4. Tell Rob I would’ve joined him in his cronut adventures.

  5. After reading your post earlier today, guess what I stumbled upon at the farmer’s market? Mamey! So of course I bought one. Will make your mamey hemp smoothie. Do you think spinach could go into it to make it a bit of a green smoothie?

    I;m glad you didn’t go to the dark side and indulge in a cronut….

    • Youpee for mamey!!! Have you had it before? Since you got fresh fruit, it definitely deserves to be scooped and eaten. In Colombia, we mistakenly cut through it before it was ripe enough but sure enough a day later, it was perfect. For the smoothie, I’d try not to add spinach, only because I’d hate to diminish any of the awesome mamey flavour. But it could definitely be added. no problemo, especially since the hemp is kind of grassy, too. 😉

      • This was the first time I tried mamey. I believe it was ripe enough (flesh scooped out easily). I’m glad I tried a new fruit, but looks like I will be sticking to tropical fruits like mango and pineapple in the future. Papaya has never been one of my favorites and the mamey reminded me of that. But I didn’t hate it like I do durian, so at least that much…

      • Oh, sorry to hear that, Ellen. It really reminded me of a not-as-sweet custardy mango. At least now you know it may not be for you, though.

  6. Where did you get your lovely glass straw?

  7. I’ve never really had guava before, except in smoothies that other people make for me! Also I love Strawesome straws, a have a few of them. 🙂

  8. This sounds so great! I must try this over summer – yummy!

  9. To be honest, I am far more excited about this smoothie than the concept of the cronut. Rob can keep his cronut snacks and I’ll join you in this! I love the idea of guava in it.

  10. Cronuts? I’ve not heard of them, but they sound really good. Personally, I’d rather have your smoothie! I must look for frozen guava. Sounds so creamy!

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  14. Wow!! i can’t believe you guys bike all the way to Pearland–serious bikers! Have you done Houston critical mass yet? It’s a ton of fun. Sad that the cronuts aren’t that good–I’ve been wanting to try them!! Are they just like, no better than a regular doughnut? Why aren’t they good??

    • Hey Erika, Thanks! Pearland isn’t too far away, certainly not by our biking standards… although it is the longest we’ve ridden in Houston so far. Rob said the cronut was ok, but it was a really big donut and felt heavy. It is 3x the price of a donut and probably 3x the size! Best to share. He’s had it once and doesn’t feel the need to eat it again since he prefers the other donuts.

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