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Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad with Lime and Cilantro (Whole Foods Detox Salad)

In Mains (Vegetarian), Salads on June 21, 2012 at 6:41 AM

Although I loved my foodie adventures in Colombia, eating away from home had me craving some serious salads upon my return. And a bath, a nice, long bubble bath. Withdrawing slowly from the plentiful tropical fruits and reintroducing my favourite vegetables. With a quick trip to the grocery store under my belt, I was able to fix my salad cravings.

While I don’t believe in detoxes, this is a spin off of Whole Food’s Detox Salad. Like my Raw Thai Pineapple Parsnip Rice Salad, broccoli and cauliflower form the vegetable base that is pulsed into small pieces. Grated carrots add more vegetables and a lovely orange! Currants confer sweetness, sunflower seeds supply crunch and protein and while the original salad uses a lemon-parsley dressing, I went with a cilantro-lime route instead. The other twist in the dressing comes from dulse granules. Whole Foods uses kelp granules, but I had dulse, another kind of seaweed, so I used that instead. This salad needs to be marinated for best flavours, and keeps really well as leftovers.

This is my submission to this week’s Summer Salad Sundays, to this week’s Healthy Vegan Friday, Virtual Vegan Potluck to this week’s Weekend Wellness and to Deb for this week’s Souper Sundays.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad with Lime and Cilantro (Whole Foods Detox Salad)
Adapted from Angela @ Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat

160g cauliflower (3 cups)
150g broccoli (3 cups)
200g carrot, grated (2 cups)
1/2 cup dried currants
2 tsp dulse granules (or kelp granules), or to taste
1/2 cup cilantro, chopped
1/3 cup fresh lime juice
1/2 cup sunflower seeds, toasted (do not toast for raw)
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Use a food processor with the S blade to finely chop the cauliflower and broccoli until they look like small pieces of rice. Place in a bowl. Add all remaining ingredients except for the sunflower seeds and stir to combine well. Allow to marinate for at least an hour, or even overnight, to mingle the flavours. Add sunflower seeds just prior to serving.

Serves 2 as a main, 4 as a side.

  1. Get out of my head, Janet!!! i just made almost this exact salad yesterday. When I post it next week, I swear I am not copying you. Great minds… LOL!

  2. Thanks for the mention Janet! I absolutely adore this salad and could eat it every day… oh wait, I pretty much have done just that this week!! 😉 Have a great day!

  3. I would never have thought to put cauliflower and broccoli in the food processor, yet the result is so appealing in this salad. Thanks so much!

  4. I have been wanting to make a version of that salad forever! Thanks for taking all the work out of it for me and providing a recipe 😉

    It’s perfect because I also only have dulse, not kelp!

  5. Hey there, Janet!

    Great recipe–I’ve sampled the yummy “real” version at Whole Foods before.

    Anywho, I just wanted to comment to let you know that I tried the Blueberry Lavender Cheesecake I mentioned on my last What I Ate Wednesday, and it turned out super well and quite delicious! I couldn’t detect any offending flavor that the tahini may have imparted, so I would say that it’s a perfectly fine substitution for coconut butter. Happy (un)cooking!


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  7. this looks perfect for lunches – must try it soon – though I don’t have any dulse or kelp granules but could try a bit of nori or other seaweeds???

    • Hey Johanna, I think the best sub for the dulse or kelp would probably be soy sauce or something salty. It doesn’t really add a fishy taste, more a saltiness. It would probably be good even without it, too, actually. 😉

  8. I SOOO need to be eating more salads like this…maybe as a pre-emptive detox before my vacation in July? Sounds like a plan.

  9. I love all of the flavors in this. Hmm… I wonder if having the broccoli that small would help me with digesting it–like when I puree it into soup. (I just wish it liked me better!) 😉 Thanks for sharing this with Souper Sundays.

    • Funny you mention that, Deb, because I don’t really like raw broccoli but I love it in this salad. I bet the dressing helps to tenderize it a bit, sort of like massaged raw kale salads.

  10. I don’t usually eat broccoli raw either, but I think you could be right about the dressing helping to tenderize it. Love the kelp granules too! Thanks for sharing with Summer Salad Sundays!

  11. I just made this salad last night. I am not a big fan of raw broccoli or cauliflower – so I lightly steamed them both for a very short time. This salad is fantastic. I was worried about the taste due to lack of seasoning, but the lime juice and cilantro and seeds are the absolute right combo. Good job and thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Cindy, Awesome! I am so glad you enjoyed the salad. Sometimes I wonder how such simple ingredients work so synergistically together.. but when it works, I don’t complain. Thanks for letting me know about your success. 🙂

  12. Love this recipe. Made a spin-off the other day and will be making it again soon, but with parsley instead of ((cilantro)) coriander 😛

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  14. Just saw this on the Veggie Nook…had to comment. This looks LOVELY! And so simple! Can not wait to give it a go!

  15. What a great idea, I’m going to have to try this! Always on a look out for creative way to eat more vegetables! Thanks for sharing!

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  18. Janet, what a gorgeous salad. I love the combination of veggies, nuts, and dried fruit. Perfect for Raw Foods Thursdays too! 🙂

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  22. Made this tonight and it is delicious! Thanks for sharing.

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  24. wow, lovely combo there, sounds fabulous….

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